Evidence, The Case For NASA UFOs

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[center][large]Evidence, The Case For NASA UFOs[/large][/center]

[center]Evidence The Case For NASA UFOs - Part 1.avi (379.68 MB)

Evidence The Case For NASA UFOs - Part 2.avi (701 MB)


[justify]A very well detailed analysis of the UFO's caught on NASA's satellite UV camera's. This video takes the video "NASA: The Smoking Gun" and goes in-depth into the science behind it and why we should question whether we really are alone.

One of the best and most interesting documentaries on the UFO subject. The evidence presented here is some of the most best I have seen. I can really understand that NASA has stopped their transmissions fram the space shuttle.... And it is obvious they know a lot more than they tell the public. Lets hope David Sereda's excellent video will put more pressure on them, so they will come out with what they REALLY know.[/justify]
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