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[justify]You have just taken the first step to learning the "master skills of self-expression." Renowned communications expert James K. Van Fleet will guide you through the most effective verbal communication strategies available for business, public speaking, employee relations, meetings, family, sales and even romantic encounters. Nine times out of 10, when things go wrong the problem boils down to communication. And the reverse is also true - artful communication can make almost any situation go right! Leaders who can motivate and facilitate with words are needed at all levels in every organization. That's why your earning power will increase dramatically as you practice the techniques in Conversation Power.

You'll learn surefire methods for striking up conversations, making lasting friendships from initial meetings, negotiating for services, and enhancing crucial communication lines between employees, colleagues, vendors and supervisors.

You'll be listening to information that's been broken down into memorable action steps including:
5 guidelines for getting people to reveal their needs.
9 favorite conversation topics for men and women.
8 golden rules of conversation.
10 strategies for making average employees superior.
a 5-step procedure for getting others to accept your point of view.
10 techniques of super salespeople.
7 tips on becoming a top public speaker.
8 methods for building strong and enduring friendships!

This program is designed to be listened to time and time again! You'll get instant benefits by listening before specific occasions, and be able to find answers to most communication problems as they arise. You'll never be at a loss for words again once you've mastered Conversation Power.[/justify]
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