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[center][large]Tom Peters Robert Townsend
Winning Management Strategies for the Real World[/large]


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Winning Management Strategies for the Real World
by Tom Peters Robert Townsend

[justify]1. Getting the Job Done
How to tell if you're a leader. Timing. What to remember when you're promoted. Myths. When you're "bullet proof." When trivial actions pay big dividends. Listening to liberate. Inside secrets of delegating.

2. Getting the Job Done (cont'd)
Urgency. Humor. Team players versus yes-people. The problem with hiring MBAs. An alternative to hiring consultants. The near miracle that takes place when employees accept responsibility. The "swoop down" phenomenon.

3. People Helping People
Mentoring: positives and negatives. Personal recollections of mentors. Innovation in action. Establishing an atmosphere that creates heroes. Creating a reward program that motivates. Dealing with difficult bosses.

4. How to De-clutter Your Life
Simple ways to correct the problems caused by over-staffing. Ridding your organization of insulation from reality. Why Wal-Mart won't expand corporate headquarters. Eliminating storage. Reducing scrap. The right mission.

5. Innovation: Move as Fast as You Can
Presenting your ideas in a way that gets the attention of management. Gaining management support. When success isn't enough. Why we are losing our competitive edge-bureaucracy, distancing, turf-guarding. Down-sizing.

6. Selling Innovation Through Results
Energizing others to support innovation. Thinking unthinkable thoughts. Using the buddy system to get cooking. Where innovation won't work. Your Spartan team won't need much money. Keep your harsh words out of memos.

7. The Decentralization of Information
Becoming a "trusted partner." Exploiting the strategic value of information without getting bogged down with the unessential. What happens when customers visit the plant. Newsletters and bulletin boards. When employees visit customers.

8. The Problem with Marketing
Racing the marketing responsibility in the operating divisions, rather than in corporate headquarters. Market research can be inexpensive. Using current customers as your best salespeople. Evidence that quality pays.

9. No Such Thing as a Tiny Improvement
The magic that happens when all employees finally understand they can change the system. How innovative companies handle today's challenges. The negative side of building a strong team-jealousy. Twelve reasons why quality programs fail.

10. Saying Thanks
Forgetting the "ideal employee" profile and just hiring nice people. Thanking rituals. The employee party held in Acapulco. Avis's 100 Club. Helping union workers become more quality conscious. Bonus systems that work-and ones that don't

11. Exceptional Service/Fewer People
Giving people a winning streak. General Patton's morale-building system. Volunteers for attrition. When fewer people being paid less really helps solve the problem. Ways to regain lost focus in an organization.

12. What's Your Mission?
Distilling multiple and lengthy goals and mission statements. Reexamining them every five years. Try living them first before writing them down. A common path to disaster. Forget career planning. Don't ask for raises. Finding balance in your life.


Tom Peters is the author/narrator of three best-selling N-C audio-cassette programs: The Excellence Challenge, The New Masters of Excellence and Thriving on Chaos. He is the coauthor of two management books that have become runaway best sellers: In Search of Excellence and A Passion for Excellence.

In 1982. Peters founded The Tom Peters Croup, now consisting of five enterprises designed to accelerate the revolution in management thinking that began with the publication of bis first book-Peters speaks about excellence more than 150 times a year to private and public-sector organizations. He writes a weekly syndicated newspaper column, and appears weekly on Today's Business." a business news television program

Peters served the White House as a drug abuse adviser from 1973 to 1974. and then worked with two top management consulting firms before starting his own business. He was on active duty in the Navy in Vietnam and Washington from 1966 to 1970.

Robert Townsend is making his first visit to the N-C microphone with this audio-cassette program. He is best known as the author of Up the Organization, the best-selling business manual that has found an avid following in non-business readership because of its wit, its straight-talking style and its unassailable truths. In 1984. Townsend followed it with Further Up the Organization, an updated and expanded work.

Born in Washington, DC Townsend graduated from Princeton University in 1942 and served in World War II as a gunnery officer on a destroyer in the Pacific. After attending Columbia's Graduate School of Business, he joined Haas and Co. He left that company to join American Express as a financial analyst and worked his way up to senior vice president and director. He then joined Avis Rent-a-Car as president and chief executive officer, and spearheaded a dramatic turnaround there. Following his own advice, he left Avis after five years and began to enjoy a life of occasional fast forays into the corporate jungle.[/justify]
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