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[center][large]Adam McLean[/large]

McLean Adam - The 160 emblems of the Hermetic Garden of Daniel Stolcius.pdf ... l-Stolcius

McLean Adam - Collection of alchemical and hermetic emblems.pdf ... ic-emblems

Astrological material
Astronomical and astrological material related to alchemical and hermetic emblems
Image[right][small]Woodcut of Mercury from Hans Sebald Beham's series on the seven planets 1530-40 (sometimes attributed to Georg Pencz).[/small][/right]
Emblematic material
Religious, mystical and other material with some relationship to alchemy
Image[right][small]Achilles Bocchius Symbolicarum quaestionum, Bologna, 1555[/small][/right]
Emblems - Tome I
Gallery of individual emblems
Image[right][small]The Macrocosm and the Microcosm. Frontispiece from Robert Fludd's Utriusque cosmi historia.[/small][/right]
Emblems - Tome II
Image[right][small]Albertus Magnus from Maier Symbola aurea mensae, Franckfurt, 1617.[/small][/right]
Emblems - Tome III
Image[right][small]Woodcut from Hortus Sanitatis, Strasbourg c. 1497.[/small][/right]
Emblems - Tome IV
Image[right][small]Frontispiece engraving from Vuillaume Manuel Maçonnique, 1820.[/small][/right]
Hermetic Garden
The 160 Emblems of the Hermetic Garden of Daniel Stolcius
Image[right][small]Arisleus? Allegory and Parable.[/small][/right]
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