Making Sense of the Sixties

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[center][large]Making Sense of the Sixties[/large][/center]


[center][large]Making Sense of the 60s - 1 - Seeds of the Sixties.avi (303.62 MB)

Making Sense of the 60s - 2 - We Can Change the World.avi (303.79 MB)

Making Sense of the 60s - 3 - Breaking Boundaries Testing Limits.avi (333.67 MB)

Making Sense of the 60s - 4 - In a Dark Time.avi (331.43 MB)

Making Sense of the 60s - 5 - Picking up the Pieces.avi (303.78 MB)

Making Sense of the 60s - 6 - Legacies of the Sixties.avi (303.96 MB)[/large][/center]

Image[justify]A look back at one of the most turbulent decades of America's recent history, this documentary examines the political and cultural changes, from the assassinations of JFK, RFK and MLK to the rapidly escalating war in Vietnam to the wonder of the moon landing, that shaped the era and left an indelible mark on later decades.

[large]You will see a lot of black, jewish and feminist activists behind the entire transformation as you watch this. That pretty much explains all you need to know.[/large]

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