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Image[---][center][large]Conspiracy against Freedom[/large]
[small]Liberty lobby[/small] ... is-Allison

A documentation of one campaign of the Anti-Defamation League against freedom of speech and thought in America

[right]Dedicated to the thousands of unsung patriots who have fought a losing battle for the things they believed in,
and who have been ultimately silenced by an never saw,
and perhaps never even know existed,
the Anti-Defamation League.[/right]

[---][center]Conspiracy against Freedom - Liberty lobby.pdf (14.29 MB) ... st-Freedom


The Beginning of the Struggle
The Conspiracy
The Words the ADL Feared
The Adversaries
How to strangle Free speech : experts show the way
Heroes and hoaxsters
A well-trained press
Bitter fall
The continuing struggle
The (Un-)American way
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D




[justify]Conspiracy Against Freedom is a book that had to be written. In fact, it was several years in the making, so delicate and controversial is its subject matter? freedom of speech.
Yes, freedom of speech and thought are on trial these days. In fact, they have been on trial for some time now. Conspiracy Against Freedom takes you step by step, document by document through the unrelenting efforts of one of the most powerful antithought, anti-free speech organizations in the United States as it moved heaven and earth to still the voice of just about the only threat to internationalism left in America.
The voice was the radio program of Liberty Lobby, the oldest citizens organization in Washington. The program ?This Is Liberty Lobby? at one time was heard on over 400 radio stations and was also carried over the Mutual Broadcasting System.
Today, ?This Is Liberty Lobby? is no longer beaming its message of truth and freedom. What happened? Who silenced it? How was it silenced? The answers to these and other pressing questions are here in your hands.

What is Liberty Lobby?
Founded in 1955, Liberty Lobby is America?s first and largest citizens action group. Though no longer producing a radio or television program, Liberty Lobby publishes The SPOTLIGHT, a weekly populist newspaper with some one-half million readers.
However, Liberty Lobby?s principal activity is lobbying Congress. Its 30,000-member Board of Policy, open to all who sign a loyalty oath to the Constitution, stakes out populist positions on the important issues facing Americans. In the footsteps of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson and other populist heroes, Liberty Lobby stands for a government by those who are the producers and not the predators, for those who pay the bills and not for those who don?t or won?t.
Liberty Lobby calls for an unabashed nationalism, a foreign policy that works for us and not for the bankers, multinationals and various and assorted minorities who court the favor of our elected officials.
In short, Liberty Lobby stands for America first?no more, no less.[/justify]

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Image[center][large]Carto A. Willis

Populism vs plutocracy[/large]
The universal struggle

Populism versus Plutocracy - The Universal Struggle (1982, 1996, 1998)
par Willis A. Carto, le fondateur de Liberty Lobby, qui incluait autrefois, notamment, The Spotlight (maintenant sous le nom American Free Press) ainsi que The Institute for Historical Review.

[center]Carto A Willis - Populism vs plutocracy.pdf (24.39 MB) ... plutocracy[large][/large]

[justify]A set of short biographies of various outstanding American patriots and conservatives, focusing on their 'populist' tendencies and beliefs and how they helped to build, shape, and improve the American Republic and its freedoms, including: Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Alva Edison, Senator Robert La Follette, William Randolph Hearst, Henry Ford, H. L. Mencken, Senator Burton K. Wheeler, and many others. [/justify]


Image[justify]Willis Carto

born July 17, 1926


Selfproclaimed Jeffersonian and populist.

In 1955 Carto founded the Liberty Lobby, an American political advocacy organization. He also ran an organisation called Youth for Wallace, which later became the White Nationalist organisation the National Alliance. He also was involved in the Populist Party. Until political opponents took control over the party.

Nowadays Carto runs the organisation American Free Press and publishes the magazine "The Barnes Review"[/justify]
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[center][large]Inside the Bilderberg Group

An exclusive report prepared by
Liberty Lobby and The Spotlight

[large]Inside the Bilderberg Group - Liberty Lobby - Spotlight.pdf (15.49 MB) ... berg-Group[/large][/center]

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[center][large]A Straight Look at the Second World War[/large]

[justify]WHAT FOLLOWS IS AN ATTEMPT to set the historical record straight, without influence fromthe powers that be. By this phrase, I do not exclude the influence and power of organized Jewry, which is heavily involved in the sad history of theAryanWest. Further, I believe that liberals who do not recognize this influence are a part, knowing it or not, of the cosmopolitan array dedicated to exterminating our race forever.1 Reader comments appreciated.

It is now 67 years after the holocaust known as World War II. Perhaps it is time to look at it truthfully. America is in big trouble. The unpayable national debt is only a small part of it. Fact is, the white world is in big trouble. Not only America, but Europe?the homeland of the white race?is facing mortal danger. It?s life or death for the white race?the race that for all its faults created Western civilization.
The so-called victors of World War II won that costly struggle for the survival of Stalinist Russia and killed the very movement in Europe that was specifically dedicated to?and was accomplishing?the destruction of Communist Russia?the National Socialist movement created and led by Adolf Hitler.[/justify]

[center]Carto Willis A - A Straight Look at the Second World War.pdf (818.88 KB) ... -World-War


[center][small]Willis A Carto - Revenge of the Neanderthal.pdf (2.27 MB) ... eanderthal[/small][/center]
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[justify][center]The Weird World of Elisabeth Carto at American Free Press

[/center] ... el-Collins

I just got a letter from a nice lady who told me that AFP was being just as disingenuous as I told her they would be : The lady called and spoke to Julia Foster, the office manager, who praised me up and down and said what a wonderful writer I was, but that I had NOT been fired. Rather, she said, I QUIT when they offered me a contract that I refused to sign.

The truth is, I have a copy of my signed contract, signed when I was sitting in a hospital room in April after open heart surgery, no less, and I also have a signed letter from Willis Carto terminating that contract because I had supposedly said bad things about him, his wife, Elisabeth and "fellow employees" (such as John Friend, whom Carto had just fired!).

And you?re darned right I said bad things about the people who had mistreated me, not just for the past year but, ultimately, for the last 20 years or more?precisely because I had run afoul of Elisabeth Carto for having had an argument with her sister, Marianne Scharnhorst, who had been employed by The SPOTLIGHT (before AFP came into being at the demise of The SPOTLIGHT). And as you?ll see, Mrs. Carto?s sister was a very real trouble-maker who caused trouble for me and for many other SPOTLIGHT employees.

In any case, in a court of law, those signed documents (referenced above) constitute EVIDENCE and the evidence demonstrates that Mrs. Foster, nice lady though she is, is either: 1) deliberately lying, knowing the full story; or 2) passing on a lie having been ordered to do so by the perverse Elisabeth Carto and her dementia-ridden husband (who still retains a skill for spinning a good lie, at least when it comes to explaining away and defending his wife).

(On another occasion in the past, Julia told somebody that I was "working at home" ---rather than in the office---because I was "too disruptive." In other words, I dared to disagree with Elisabeth Carto. That was before I was officially fired twice this past year. So they have a history of telling quite creative stories.)

If Mike Piper is so rotten and deserved to be fired, well, why not then simply demonstrate how rotten he is? If Piper is such a bad guy, people should know about it.

However, of course, the fact is that it all goes back to Elisabeth Carto and her insane behavior (about which all current and past staff are aware) and the AFP staff don't want to talk about it, nor are they allowed to do so, for obvious reasons.

The truth is that even Liberty Lobby?s outstanding attorney, Mark Lane, who fought relentlessly to save Liberty Lobby under fire from the IHR lawsuits that eventually destroyed Liberty Lobby, said, on one occasion, that he believed that it was Elisabeth Carto?s behavior toward the staff in California that helped stimulate a lot of the discontent that was stirred up by outside forces.

And the truth is that Elisabeth was even moving to have Mark Lane's salary cut (even in the midst of the legal affairs that ended up destroying Liberty Lobby.))?working to undermine the very attorney who saved Liberty Lobby in the Hunt and Buckley cases some years before.

Here's the story that only a few people know about . . .

One weekend in approximately 1993-1994 (it was well after we had already fallen under the IHR lawsuits) Willis Carto was getting ready to leave Washington in a rush. He called me into his office and handed me a letter that Carto had written to Liberty Lobby?s longtime and valued counsel, Mark Lane.

Carto had been convinced by Elisabeth that Lane was ?making too much money? by being paid a regular salary or retainer without ?documenting? his work for Liberty Lobby. In other words, it was being suggested to Carto that Lane was essentially taking advantage and not doing his work for a flat fee. Carto was convinced by his wife to demand that Lane provide an hourly accounting of all of his work for Liberty Lobby.

In response to Carto?s request, Lane had therefore re-assessed all of his work for Liberty Lobby during the past period and submitted a line-by-line summary, billing Liberty Lobby BY THE HOUR rather than by the standard payment that Lane had been receiving.

(In other words, by previous agreement, if Lane did NOTHING in one week or one month he would still be paid if he was working 50 hour weeks on behalf of Liberty Lobby in the courts.)
After Lane submitted his HOURLY billing, it was considerably higher than what it would have been in a previous agreement. Lane, again, had done this at Carto?s request.

Having received the billing, Carto wrote a letter to Lane telling him that, unfortunately, he (Carto) was forced to sever Liberty Lobby?s relationship with Lane.

Carto asked me to read this letter (after Carto had left, and Carto was, at that moment, on the verge of leaving) and then deliver it to Lane by Monday morning. Carto left and I read the letter---shocked. I decided to wait until the very last moment---Sunday night---to deliver the letter.

However, fortunately, Carto reconsidered his decision and managed to catch me---as usual---working in the office on Sunday afternoon. He called me from California and asked, ?Did you deliver that letter yet?? I said, ?No, I was waiting till the very last minute.? Carto said, ?Good for you. Don?t. I?ve had some second thoughts and talked to Mark in the meantime.?

In fact, Lane had only prepared the hourly assessment (at Carto?s request) to demonstrate to Carto that he (Lane) was actually providing Carto a lot of little-noticed or ?unknown? work that Lane did not normally bother to ?write down? and ?prove? himself.

I sympathized with Mark Lane?s plight at the time. I was also being subjected to the same abuse. He and his wife and I had a private discussion about the matter and they were just absolutely amazed that Elisabeth had tried to over-turn a long and trusted working relationship and were quite disturbed about it, since Mark and his wife had become rather fond of Willis himself and often invited Willis and I over to their home for very lovely dinners.

But that was not the end of things . . . it gets worse.

In 1994 I spoke to Willis Carto on the telephone. He was in California and I was in Washington. It was a day or so before attorney Mark Lane was scheduled to handle Liberty Lobby?s defense in a Southern California courtroom in the lawsuit that ultimately forced Liberty Lobby into bankrupty. I was enthusiastic about the possibility of Lane once again winning for Liberty Lobby by taking the case to a jury---much as he had done in the famous Buckley case and in the Hunt case before it. I asked Carto: ?So you are definitely taking the case to a jury?? Carto responded: ?Oh absolutely.? I said: ?That?s good.?

However, here?s what happened . . .

A day or so later, Mark Lane called Willis Carto to tell him that he (Lane) was getting ready to get on the plane to come to California to proceed with the case (jury selection, etc). But Carto said, ?Oh, well, we?ve already started. We decided not to go with a jury. Randy Weir [the West Coast attorney on the ground] thinks we can win the case by just presenting it to the judge and we can save the costs of a long trial.?

In fact, Randy Weir had convinced Elisabeth Carto (who was already hostile to Mark Lane and wanting to cut his salary---as outlined above)?that they didn't need Mark's expertise and that they could "save money" by eliminating a jury trial.

Lane was horrified and jumped on a plane, but it was already too late. The case was lost and Liberty Lobby was directed down the course to bankruptcy.

Had Randy Weir been bought off? It?s possible. Weir?s partner, Brian Urtnowski, discovered that Weir was a cocaine-addicted crook. And this discovery brought back memories from Mark Lane (and even Michael Piper) as to strange activity by Weir that indicated that perhaps indeed he had been compromised. (And it?s probably just a coincidence that Weir was a look-alike and talk-alike for a young man who was ?advising? Liberty Lobby on the East Coast: Todd Blodgett).

But ultimately the blame for the demise of Liberty Lobby could be laid directly at WALTRAUD ELISABETH OLDEMEIER CARTO.

Perhaps a jury might have also found against Liberty Lobby, but WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would expect a judge to rule in favor of Liberty Lobby?

I more or less forgive Julia Foster for telling the sad little lies that she is telling since I know that she is under immense pressure from Elisabeth Carto and because of the fact that Julia knows a little bit about the history of the behavior of Elisabeth and her sister, Marianne Scharnhorst.

Marianne used to sexually harass Julia's teen-aged son, Jimmy, who worked briefly at Liberty Lobby. Marianne used to get touchy-feeling with a lot of the younger men (20s or younger) and would make a big fuss over them when they came into the mailroom where she worked. She would shout "there's that Greek hunk" to one young man and engage him in sexual banter in front of the women in the mailroom; or she would make similar remarks to other young men. She once openly described how she had dreamt that she and her youngest daughter (a teen-ager) had watched me having sex with a prostitute through the window of an adjoining building! She once even took SPOTLIGHT (and later AFP) Editor Chris Petherick's head and placed it on her bosom---and an ample bosom it was.

Since I crossed this woman, Marianne, years before, I have been a target of Elisabeth Carto. This is the same Elisabeth Carto who also alleged in an email that the talented and hard-working Trish Katson was a "lazy bum" who spent all of her time at Liberty Lobby "chasing men" in the office. In fact, most of the time that she worked there, Trish lived with Blayne Hutzel---who also worked at Liberty Lobby---so she was hardly busy chasing other men in front of Blayne. Or behind his back for that matter.

If Trish was so lazy and so immoral, I guess that means that Liberty Lobby and The SPOTLIGHT were lying audaciously and repeatedly and relentlessly in reporting all her good work on Capitol Hill and around the country, particularly when she was fighting the Constitutional Convention.

And so it goes.

Now having looked back at some of these things, I realized that there?s probably a lot more to tell you about the antics of Elisabeth Carto and I decided that it?s probably worth telling you all about it.

And so I shall continue . . .

It?s a deeply-held secret?or rather, perhaps, one that?s been carefully ?forgotten??but, in early 1982, Willis Carto fired famed and respected Bilderberg Hound Jim Tucker as editor of The SPOTLIGHT, a post he had held since 1975?he was the founding editor?and under which time The SPOTLIGHT had grown to some 390,000 paid subscribers (meaning at least 1,000,000 or more weekly readers).

The reason for Tucker?s sudden and shocking dismissal (one which rocked The SPOTLIGHT staff) is interesting . . . And it all traces back (yet again) to the insane behavior of Elisabeth Carto and her equally disturbed sister, Marianne Scharnhorst, who worked in the mailroom (and in the silver sales department) of Liberty Lobby.

Let?s see how the Carto?s sycophants who actually know the truth of this story try to twist it and make Michael Collins Piper out to be a liar. Here?s what happened . . .

Let?s face it, Jim Tucker was a big drinker, and he was loud and proud about it. One could hardly have a discussion with Tucker without him bringing up alcohol in a funny way. And throughout the period that he was SPOTLIGHT editor, he was known to have ?wet lunches.? There was no secret about it. He and a few others (including a number of SPOTLIGHT associates) were regulars at Mike Palm?s, the Taverna, and a few other choice drinking establishments near Liberty Lobby headquarters. There had always been an official ?no drinking at lunch? policy at Liberty Lobby, though it was rigorously ignored most of all by Tucker and by Liberty Lobby chairman Bob Bartell and that was an open secret.

And although Tucker was a big drinker, he got The SPOTLIGHT out each and every week?often 48 full pages jam-packed with (you remember it) solid news and information that gave The SPOTLIGHT the reputation that it had.

One particular week, one Wednesday (the day that the paper went to press), Ed Krueger, the affable publisher of the Martinsburg, West Virginia newspaper that did the actual printing of The SPOTLIGHT, had come to Washington and he took Tucker and several others out for a typical ?wet lunch.?

When Tucker returned, he may have been a bit tipsy?PERHAPS more so than usual. I don?t know, personally.

But what I DO know (and this was common knowledge at the time) is that Marianne Scharnhorst?Elisabeth Carto?s sister?who was always stirring up trouble and who routinely referred to Tucker as a ?pig??called the Cartos in California to report that Jim Tucker was ?drunk on press day.?

The commotion stirred by Marianne?s phone call led to Tucker?s firing. Tucker was given several weeks to wind up affairs, as I recall, and then he left Liberty Lobby soon afterward.

Years later, I learned from Donna McGrath, who was Tucker?s good friend in the production department, that Tucker was suicidal at this time.

(And, believe it or not, I had a very dark dream about Tucker during this period?when I had no contact with him whatsoever, and really didn?t know him that well?in which he was sitting in a dark room, crying, and warning me about Willis Carto! Over the past several years I have told a number of people about the dream.)

Some time later Tucker was ?rehired? as a ?contract? writer for The SPOTLIGHT and continued on with his work, while working other jobs on the side, but, again, the bottom line is that Tucker?s firing was the work of Elisabeth Carto and her sister Marianne Scharnhorst.

Elisabeth and Marianne are the very same ?pigs??to use their common word?who were behind the harassment that I endured from about 1992-1994 onward, resulting in:

# my near-firing in December of 2002 (as a consequence of which I had my first heart attack),

# my forced ouster from the AFP office, beginning in 2003?they told people I was ?working from home? without explaining the real reason why?

# and the subsequent targeting against me, beginning in the summer of 2013, at which time the Cartos hatched a plan to reduce my salary to $1,000 a month with the suggestion that I move back home to Pennsylvania (where I hadn?t lived for over 30 years). YES, THEY DID THAT. What creeps (to use another of Elisabeth?s favorite terms) they are. AND:

# My first firing in mid-March 2014?after I confronted Elisabeth for her not-so-secret role in targeting me for a massive paycut?and and then my ?rehiring? after six weeks of sick and twisted ?negotiations? beginning with a plan to pay me $100 a week.

(I kid you not. That failing old fruit, Willis Carto, actually made that ?offer? to me?after 34 years?saying, ?Well, why should you be paid any more than any of our other writers?? when the old predator knew that I had done virtually ALL of AFP and The SPOTLIGHT?s direct mail fundraising letters ?-plus many other side projects?since about 1986 (six years after I first came aboard).

# My second firing in September of 2014 after I made it clear in several memos to Willis Carto that I didn?t take Elisabeth?s smears, harassment and other forms of mental torment lightly. On the basis of my criticisms and my resurrection of a 10 year old 19-page memorandum exposing the events of 2013 (referenced above), Willis terminated my contract.

Willis also cited alleged criticisms of ?fellow employees,? although what those criticisms were actually happened to be were rather interesting: After Elisabeth forced Willis to fire AFP correspondent John Friend (a story in and of itself: she had been gunning for him for a while), Friend had stated publicly that he thought that I had a part in his firing. Friend?s supporters wrote letters to Carto complaining that Friend had been fired and cited my criticisms of John Friend. So although Willis had fired Friend, he cited my past criticisms of Friend as ?proof? that I was criticizing ?fellow employees? or ?co-workers? or some such thing. Talk about Talmudic Chutzpah.

I don?t know a single personal friend of the Cartos?few that there really are?who have ever said anything nice (behind her back) about Elisabeth. One of Carto?s oldest friends has always routinely referred to her as a ?bitch.?

She does not inspire respect, but, rather, fear, although Pete Papaherakles (a frequent Carto house-guest) recently said insistently that she does deserve respect, despite the fact that Elisabeth has, in recent years, worked to have the following people fired from AMERICAN FREE PRESS:

# Editor Chris Petherick - he received a faxed demand for his resignation in April (while I was in the hospital with open heart surgery) after he stood up to Elisabeth on the phone, although the next day Willis rescinded the demand.
# Webmaster Jason Snow
# Web Editor Dave Gahary - a family man also targeted for massive pay cuts, despite his major contributions to the growth of the AFP website and his weekly contributions to the newspaper; and
# popular AFP correspondent Victor Thorn. (Elisabeth has said that ?my sister and her husband don?t like what he writes.? And I was there the day that Willis Carto said to Chris Petherick, ?Maybe we should phase out Victor,? but?naturally and wisely?Chris resisted and Victor was retained).

Elisabeth was directly responsible for the angry campaign to force out longtime loyal employee Anne Cronin?another consequence (going back years) of carping by Marianne Scharnhorst?which resulted in Anne taking early retirement. At one point, while Anne was seriously ill?they actually thought she had bird flu?Elisabeth went into the office, cleaned out Anne?s desk, boxed everything, and left a note for her upon her return to work which told her that her desk was too messy and had too many ?personal items? ?words to that effect. (Seriously. she did that.)

Initially, when Anne was reaching a certain age, the Cartos put out a memo saying that age happened to be ?mandatory retirement? at AFP, but Evangeline Banua, the accountant, advised the Cartos that this was contrary to federal law and the memo was rescinded. But it had clearly been aimed at Anne Cronin!

The Cartos made things so miserable for Anne that she did, in fact, retire a year early. It was so bad that when Anne would come in the office, Willis would actually ignore her (when he has always made a point to say ?hello? to everyone) or when she would say hello to him, he would not respond. This was Elisabeth?s doing.

(One time?prior to 2001?after the publication of an edition of my book FINAL JUDGMENT, Elisabeth called me on the phone from California and began quizzing me about the prices for shipping the book. I told her that I had nothing to do with that, that it was Anne Cronin?s responsibility, which, in retrospect, I?m sure Elisabeth knew well.) In the course of this seemingly endless conversation, it became apparent to me that Elisabeth was maneuvering to find ?dirt? against Anne and I listened to her ranting and raving. At one juncture she told me that somebody at the office had told her one thing or another and, suspecting something was up, I asked Elisabeth ?who told you that?? She said that she didn?t remember, but what he claimed she had been ?told? was at the root of her attempt to assassinate Anne.

I said to myself, ?Well, I?ll push her on this,? and said to Elisabeth, ?Well, it?s important to remember who said that, because it?s not true. That person needs to be set straight.? Elisabeth insisted it wasn?t important, but I pushed a little further?quite gently, but forcefully? and then there was a sudden pause at the other end of the line. Elisabeth then said, ?Well, I?ll let you in on a little secret: I made that up.?

This woman actually felt secure enough to admit to me that she had conjured up a lie in order to try to undermine Anne Cronin. And I?ve told that story, in writing, going back to 2003 and I?ve told it to many people at AFP and elsewhere over the past decade. So Elisabeth can?t claim that I recently ?made that up,? to use her words.

Vince Ryan was also effectively ousted with regular pay cuts, resulting in his abrupt resignation, after years of very loyal service.

Elisabeth Carto was also responsible for the firing of two longtime AFP-SPOTLIGHT figures: our longtime radio voice, Tom Valentine, who had been with us since at least the mid-1980s (at one point he was the only person among the extended staff whom the Cartos trusted with their home phone number when they lived in California) and Blayne Hutzel, who had been the AFP-SPOTLIGHT comptroller, a hard-working and highly respected detail-oriented business manager whose day-to-day work (under immense pressure from the Cartos) kept the newspaper(s) and related operations going.

Tom and Blayne were fed up with Elisabeth?s antics and?in 2003?at the time Elisabeth was first making a major push to have me fired, they both urged me and the legal board of directors of AFP to formally demand that Willis Carto bar Elisabeth from the AFP office (to stop her harassment and intimidation of the staff). Word got back to Elisabeth and the two were unceremoniously dismissed?despite years of great loyalty and devotion to the AFP-SPOTLIGHT cause and to Willis Carto.

Another AFP office manager, talented young Jim Cox, was also relentlessly and repeatedly run over by Elisabeth Carto and despite his enthusiasm for AFP?s cause, Jim decided that he had had his fill of the lunacy and nonsense and turned in his resignation. Mrs. Carto later proclaimed Cox to be ?the worst employee? of AFP?s history, even worse, she said, than the aforementioned Blayne Hutzel.

In fact, Cox and Hutzel were highly regarded by the rest of the AFP staff and their departures were great losses for AFP?but personal triumphs for Elisabeth.

Elisabeth also managed to so alienated longtime AFP-SPOTLIGHT subscription manager, Lois Hodges, who had been with the company since the early 1980s that Lois also resigned. This was after two of Lois?s sisters?who had also worked for AFP?had been forced out by Elisabeth?s antics. The one sister (whose name escapes me) resigned in disgust at Elisabeth. The second sister, in fact, was terminated. It became too much for Lois and she, too, left the company in disgust.

In earlier years, two elderly women, Lois Jackson and Mary Phflug, who had been with Liberty Lobby for years, were also pushed out, again largely because of troublesome behavior by Elisabeth?s sister, Marianne Scharnhorst, who had worked side-by-side with both of those nice ladies for years, but then turned on them and convinced Elisabeth to talk her husband into firing those women. Lois was a devoted correspondence secretary who kept in touch with our supporters. Mary worked in the advertising department. And then, to top it all off, Liberty Lobby legally fought Mary?s attempts to gain unemployment and, if I recall correctly, they succeeded!

It just never seemed to end . . .

On one occasion, when Elisabeth had developed a sudden disdain for California nationalist Joe Fields (another of Mr. and Mrs. Carto?s old friends) she even said that she hoped that the ?No More Wars for Israel Conference? being organized by Fields (in conjunction with then-AFP writer Mark Glenn) would?in her words??flop.?

This was after Fields and his wife had been valuable allies for the Cartos for many years and doing a lot of unpaid work on their behalf. And here is why Elisabeth was angry at Joe?you will be astounded by this one (but maybe not, considering how Elisabeth thinks and operates) . . .

Elisabeth was mad at Joe because he had done some work, for a brief period, for a guy in Texas named Joe Foster. Foster had accidentally bounced a $600 check on a book order and it had nothing whatsoever to do with Joe Fields or his association with Foster. Now even though Foster made good on the check (and he had been a longtime big ticket book buyer) Elisabeth spent weeks haranguing over the subject. She even moved to have Willis fire our longtime accountant, Evangeline, because the accountant, a mild-mannered Filipino woman, refused to call OUR bank to tell them to call Foster's bank and collect the debt from his account! Elisabeth even told Evangeline that she wasn?t being ?loyal to the company? for refusing to do something that was totally contrary to banking procedure and perhaps even illegal!

When (under pressure from Elisabeth) Willis called Taras (a newly-hired young Ukrainian guy who was Evangeline?s assistant) to his office and asked Taras if he would be ready to step into Evangeline?s shoes "if she happened to leave the company," the young man was so horrified that he turned in his two weeks notice shortly thereafter and quit his job. He told several AFP staffers about this at a going-away dinner party at the La Lomita restaurant on Pennsylvania Avenue.

And it should probably be mentioned that just a few years ago, AFP also terminated the contract of the aforementioned popular AFP writer, Mark Glenn?he?s the guy from Idaho who has come to my rescue and given me a place to live in his guest house?and Mark and his wife and TEN CHILDREN were left without a regular stipend. This was after Mark had given up a good-living as an independent landscaper and builder so that he could devote his time to WRITING THE TRUTH?something he loved to do.

Although I cannot say for certain that Elisabeth played a part in this, I know that after Mark?s departure Elisabeth had negative comments about Mark (not knowing that he and I had become good friends), justifying his abrupt dismissal ?to save money.?

It truly never ended . . .

Some time in 2013 I went into the AFP office on a Saturday or Sunday and was surprised to find Willis and Elisabeth had come in. No problem. I had work to do?a lot of it?and they stayed out of my hair and I theirs.

However, Elisabeth cornered me and spent no less than 45 minutes talking non-stop (much to Willis?s apparent annoyance, by the way) largely condemning anything and everything about the way the AFP office was run and it quickly became apparent to me that her specific targets were Paul Angel and Chris Petherick. Those forty-five minutes distracted me from my work but it was another dose of this destructive woman.

Elisabeth has been so poisonous and ruinous in so many ways and Willis has either forgotten (legitimately) or he is so psychologically defensive about her madness that he will say literally anything to defend her.

At one point, shortly before I was fired for the first time in 2014, I reminded Willis (in the presence of Chris Petherick) that while Elisabeth wanted to slash my salary, she continued to insist on the preservation of the largely unnecessary (no, make that un-necessary) West Coast office for The BARNES REVIEW which was being subsidized to the tune of upwards of $900,000 a year, according to an analysis by Chris Petherick and Paul Angel who wanted to shut down that office.

But although Chris and Paul had repeatedly urged Willis to shut that office down, Elisabeth resisted (raising questions as to WHY she wanted to keep that office open). But when I made reference to this, Willis said?with a straight face??I never knew that anyone had raised questions about this.? (suggesting this was something I had conjured up out of the blue). He actually said that right in front of Chris Petherick who had done the hands-on analysis that determined what a waste that office was!

In the summer of 2013?right when I was becoming disabled due to diabetic neuropathy?Elisabeth decided to strike against me (seeing that I was vulnerable). Willis Carto wrote a proposal to me that I leave Washington and ?go back to Pennsylvania? (where I hadn?t lived for over 34 years) and that I would be kept on the AFP payroll at $1,000 a month. He actually said that this would be almost like a ?raise? and somehow beneficial to me and said that I would not have the problem of having to come to the AFP office and it would lessen my ?nervous condition.?

Well, first of all, having been forced out of the AFP office in 2003 (because of Elisabeth?s hatred for me), I was not even required to come to the office in the first place, ?working at home.? (!) But I had no ?nervous condition,? which suggests that I had some mental disability. No, I had PHYSICAL NERVE DAMAGE. That?s how much Carto even knew (or cared) about my condition.

(On one occasion, he did say, smiling, ?You have diabetes,don?t you? Well, I have a needle and I can stick it in you and then you?ll feel better.? Yes, he said that.)

He backed off from that when the AFP editor, Chris Petherick, came to my defense, but I knew I was once again being targeted and this came at a time when I was under great physical and emotional stress because of my health problems and increasing pain and inability to walk. And in the fall of 2013, once again, I was informed that we were all facing major pay cuts, at a time when I actually needed a raise to pay for monthly health insurance that I badly needed. And then in February of 2014, I was informed that I was facing a massive pay cut.

Naturally, I objected, and Willis Carto asked me to write him a memo about my situation and I did that. A few weeks later, when the pay cut was levied, Willis?in his increasing forgetfulness?handed me back my original memo to him (he has a habit of misplacing documents, giving them to the wrong people, etc) and I discovered two ?post-it? notes (in Elisabeth?s handwriting) attached to my memo. She had read my memo and then made comments to the effect that I was already being paid too much and even questioned whether I had done work (which I had) which was mentioned in that memo. So needless to say I was infuriated.

The next day?after having undergone an MRI of my neck and brain to see if that might be having an impact on my health?I called the Cartos at their home (after hours) and asked both of them to come on the line. I confronted Elisabeth about having seen her notes attacking me. She said, ?Well, where are they?? I told her that they were at the AFP office (since I hadn?t brought them home with me). She responded, ?Oh, they are at the office, huh?? (implying that they didn?t exist at all.)

She then suggested that they were forgeries. I asked, ?Oh, so you are saying that I forged them? Why would I do that?? She responded, ?Why would you?? I said, ?Well, do you think that I did forge them?? She responded, ?Well, maybe one of your friends did.? (Seriously, this was the nature of the ?discussion.?)

I said, ?Well, if somebody is forging documents, maybe we should get the FBI to come in to investigate if this is forgery or not and find out who did it.? I wasn?t serious, of course, but I realized I was having a no-win discussion with this woman.

Here?s what she said in response: ?Oh, you want the FBI to come in, huh? Well, you?re a dirty old queer and a nigger lover and we?ll put that all over the Internet. How would you like THAT?? she challenged.

I laughed: Accusations like that had been already put on the Internet, including one that I had a Jewish lover (an agent of the ADL) whom I supposedly walked hand-in-hand with down Pennsylvania Avenue (!) and that I had a black crack addict homosexual lover, who was surprised to learn (when I told him) that we had been accused of such a relationship.

In fact, this black guy (a familiar figure on the streets of Capitol Hill) is friends with a number of people at AFP, even today, was recruited to work odd-jobs for the old SPOTLIGHT by Julia Foster and used to picket the Holocaust Museum with Dr. Robert Brock, the black nationalist. And I also happen to be the godfather of this guy?s son!

But Elisabeth Carto was vowing to try to smear me with that claim. And what makes it all the more interesting is that the story started with a weird former employee of The SPOTLIGHT and was repeated by another AFP employee?a former Carto friend?who himself later told people that Elisabeth Carto had a sexual interest in HIM!

However, as we?ve seen, Elisabeth and her sister, Marianne Scharnhost have an odd proclivity for slinging around strange sexual allegations?such as the malicious claim about Trisha Katson?and are just generally salacious.

In any event, the ?discussion? with Elisabeth deteriorated with her in the background shrieking and ranting and then, if I recall, she hung up.

The next day I was fired?but then quickly ?rehired,? but only after being out of work for six weeks with no pay (during which time I was rushed in for emergency heart surgery).

The new ?contract? I agreed to involved a substantial pay cut, but at least I had a job, but it became apparent to me that Willis Carto (still under pressure from his wife) was eagerly looking for an excuse to terminate that contract. And after I challenged him about his wife?s behavior and her continuing antics at the AFP office and toward other AFP employees, he chose to terminate my contract: HE FIRED ME AGAIN!

Elisabeth had finally gotten rid of me?and Willis (no matter how much he wanted to keep me on board) was unable to stand up to her.

Willis has announced his third ?resignation? from AFP?the third in as many years?but Elisabeth?s behavior has already financially crippled the company in many ways, even including?for several months?shutting down the book-selling department, and I told Willis Carto after my latest firing that he was making an enemy of me. But he claimed that my status was all up to ?the board of directors.?

That?s the greatest irony because?back in 2003?when Elisabeth was moving against me (and Willis was going along with her intrigues) I actually had the legal power?as AFP treasurer, in CONTROL OF THE BANK ACCOUNT, and as one of the majority stockholders to LEGALLY OUST WILLIS AND ELISABETH CARTO.

And I did not do so, even though they were working against me.

That?s right. I could have seized control of the company and thrown the Cartos out, but despite everything I did not do so.

Instead, I voluntarily turned in my resignation from the board of directors. I frankly did not want to be part of a ?front? organization for this insane woman and her collaborating husband who would dare to do this kind of thing to me, even in the face of the actual legal authority that I had.

(And by the way, elsewhere, I have a 19-page memorandum, drafted in 2003, which I have already widely circulated, which describes the details of 2003. So this is not anything ?new? and many people are already aware of it. It?s just too long, obviously, to include here, but if you are interested in seeing it, please let me know and I will send you a copy when I get the chance.)

You see, Elisabeth has run rough-shod over ALL of the key people associated with AFP and Michael Collins Piper is not the only victim, but I have been a PRIME target for many, many years.

So, the bottom line is this: if Michael Collins Piper is as rotten and filthy and disgusting as Elisabeth Carto and her sister have long contended (a view that Willis Carto, in his slide into dementia, seems to concur with), it seems that practically the entirety of the staff of AFP fall into that category as well.

And you might naturally ask: Well, if they were so bad, why did you prominently mention Willis and Elisabeth in the acknowledgments in your books?

Good question?-and that is a bizarre story in and of itself. You see, back in December of 2002 when Elisabeth was pushing hard to have me fired and virtually every day for about two weeks I was being called into Willis?s office to answer to or explain away some question he had for me (obviously instigated by Elisabeth)?and this is all detailed in the aforementioned 19 page memorandum?Willis once asked me this: ?Why don?t you mention me in your big book FINAL JUDGMENT??

I was surprised by this totally unexpected question, nearly 10 years after the book came out, but I knew Elisabeth had something to do with it.? Willis had the book in his hand, and he said, ?You mention all these other people, but you don?t thank me.?

I took the book from him and showed him that ON THE VERY FIRST PAGE I made the point of thanking Willis and Liberty Lobby?s attorney Mark Lane and pointed out that if it hadn?t been for their support, the book never would have been possible.

You see, Elisabeth had looked through the book and MISSED that and then told Willis that I had not mentioned him!

That?s the kind of sinister person she is.

Well, years went by and about five years ago, Willis again asked me the same question (probably having again been prodded, for some reason, by Elisabeth) ?-I think perhaps because I maybe had not thanked him in one of my other books, perhaps THE GOLEM or TARGET TRAFICANT ?-and I again showed him where he WAS mentioned up front in FINAL JUDGMENT. And I said to him, ?You need to show this to Elisabeth so that she doesn?t get you to ask me this question again.? He laughed, more or less acknowledging that Elisabeth was indeed the instigator.

So, after that, when I ultimately published four of my own books and sold them directly from my Washington PO Box rather than through AFP, I made a LOUD point of thanking Willis AND ELISABETH quite directly and RIGHT UP FRONT.

Does that answer your question?

And you might be interested in knowing WHY Willis did not publish my book THE CONFESSIONS OF AN ANTI-SEMITE (the first of the four books I published myself). He said, ?Well, it?s too fucking long and I ain?t gonna publish it.? That was his way of showing me that he was the boss and that he had the final say, etc, and that I was dependent on him, that I was nobody without him. So I decided to publish it myself.

So when he found that I was going to publish it myself, he asked to write an introduction (which I included)! He wanted to be in on the action.

And I will tell you this, quite frankly: a few years ago Willis suggested I write a book about Adolf Hitler and I said, ?Yes, I?m actually thinking of doing that.? He said, ?Well, you?re the man to do it.? I dictated over 40 hours of notes and documentation into a tape recorder while on vacation and set it aside to finish some of my other books.

In the meantime, having forgotten that he asked me to do such a book, Willis decided to do his own little pamphlet on the subject of Hitler (and the final product is actually a pretty good little work. Willis spent a great deal of money and time promoting his pamphlet (certainly his right to do) and yet even Elisabeth stood in the way of that project?I kid you not.

The project was delayed, time and again, for months, because Elisabeth kept interfering. At one point it was going to be a special issue of THE BARNES REVIEW, and then a pamphlet, and then a special issue again. Then Willis decided that he wanted a full length book, incorporating his essay and supplemented with a lot of other material from THE BARNES REVIEW. I was asked to put the material together and I spent quite a bit of time doing so. But all of this time, Elisabeth was interfering and it became almost of an in-office joke. Poor Paul Angel, the talented production chief in charge of putting our books and the newspaper and magazines together, was virtually being turned into a full-time employee doing and re-doing Willis?s Hitler project!

And yes, it finally came out as a very good little essay in pamphlet form. But behind the scenes Elisabeth had made production of that pamphlet an exercise in absolute chaos.

Do you REALLY think that these are?as Elisabeth Carto would say??all lies??

She says everybody is a ?liar? or a ?creep? but those are two words that aptly apply to her.

Judge for yourself.

What's the old saying about lying down with dogs with fleas? Though I hate to use that analogy that is libelous to our four-legged friends.

Thanks again to those of you for your support.

It?s much appreciated.

Whether the Cartos like it or not, I?m going to continue to tell the truth!

Best wishes,

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