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[center][large]Psycho-Cybernetics Subliminal[/large][/center]


[center]Subliminal and guided programming based upon the teachings of Dr. Maxwell Maltz. ... Subliminal


Increase Your Self-Confidence
Unlock Your Success Personality
Enjoy Complete Relaxation
Attain Lasting Happiness and Peace of Mind
Achieve Your Goals
Stop Procrastinating Now!
Release Your Creative Imagination
Build a More Positive Self-Image
Be More Persuasive in Selling
Be More Confident and Relaxed Under Pressure
Attain Financial Success
Enjoy Prosperity with Peace of Mind
Release Your Creative Imagination
Self-confidence and Happiness
Let Your Success Mechanism Work for You
Your Winning Self-image[/center]
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[---][center][large]The New Psycho-Cybernetics audiobook[/large][/center][---]



[justify]The self-help program that changed the lives of millions, updated and expanded

?Psycho-Cybernetics changed my destiny. From a small farmhouse nearly 2 miles from a major road in Chucketauck, Virginia to a successful career as an author, consultant, lecturer to organizations like NASA, Disney, AT&T... Dr. Maltz's suggestions gave me the confidence to bring out my talents and go for my dreams.?
Lee Milteer; author, Success is an Inside Job

?I was flunking out of college when i first read psycho-cybernetics, and it literally turned my life around.?
Marshall Reddick, ph.D.

?I thought I was totally lost after ruining my marriage, alienating my son and crashing a dump truck into a bridge while half-drunk. Now my life is on a steady, upward path to everlasting success and happiness thanks to PsychoCybernetics.?
Torchie Horvath, noted Christian motivational speaker, entrepreneurial genius, Fortune 500 C.E.O., and famous inspirational writer.

Since its publication in 1960, Dr. Maxwell Maltz?s landmark bestseller Psycho-Cybernetics has inspired and enhanced the lives of more than 30 million readers. In this new and expanded edition, you'll meet famous Olympic and professional athletes, coaches, golfers, rodeo cowboys, sports psychologists, executives, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and many others whose lives were changed by putting into practice Maltz?s incredible formula for success.

Dr. Maltz?s promise: "If you can REMEMBER, WORRY, OR TIE YOUR SHOE, YOU CAN SUCCEED WITH Psycho-Cybernetics!"

Since its original publication in 1960, the powerful Psycho-Cybernetics program has helped millions of people achieve life-changing goals ? from losing weight to dramatically increasing their income. Newly updated to include changes in our lives that have occurred since it was first written, The New Psycho-Cybernetics remains true to Maltz?s visionary approach and proven groundbreaking techniques.

Whether your goal is to lose weight and keep it off, excel in sports, achieve extraordinary entrepreneurial success, or become an exceptional sales person, you?ll accomplish virtually any goal quickly and easily with The New Psycho-Cybernetics.

* How to awaken your automatic success mechanism
* Dr. Maltz's theater in your mind to help you sell or negotiate with confidence and power
* How to de-hypnotize yourself from beliefs that hold you back
* Why willpower fails and how to use relaxation to succeed
* How to live more courageously
* How you can acquire the habit of happiness
* Actor Chuck Norris' technique for canceling out negative thoughts
* How to give yourself an emotional face-lift and instantly feel and look 10 years younger
* How to free yourself from inhibition
* Do-it-yourself tranquilizers that bring peace of mind
* Olympic champion diver Greg Louganis' secret for stopping situational anxiety in its tracks, and learn how to have confidence on demand.

The New Psycho-Cybernetics includes 31 prescriptions and mental training exercises that will help you put Dr. Maltz?s teachings into practice.

The late Dr. Maxwell Maltz received his doctorate in medicine from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University. After postgraduate work in plastic surgery in Europe, Dr. Maltz headed several departments of reparative surgery in New York hospitals. He was a prominent international lecturer on the physical and psychological aspects of plastic surgery, and published two books on these subjects: New Faces, New Futures and Dr. Pygmalion. The original ideas that formed the basis of Psycho-Cybernetics grew out of ideas he developed in his very successful private practice in New York, where he treated patients from all over the world, including many celebrities.

Dan S. Kennedy is a marketing consultant, popular professional speaker, and author of nine books. He is the CEO of the Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation and author of The New Psycho-Cybernetics audio program.[/justify]
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