Crop Circles

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Crop Circles
[large]Quest For Truth[/large]


Crop Circles - Quest For Truth :

Part 1, 699MB :

Part 2, 700MB :



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[center][large]Les cercles de cultures
sont-ils des messages secrets ?[/large]

Les cercles de cultures sont ils des messages secrets.avi (263.63 MB)

Durée de la vidéo : 40 minutes[/center]

[justify]Les cercles de culture (ou Crop Circles en anglais) sont des phénomènes passés sous silence par les media. Là où l'on s'attendait à ce que la science nous éclaire sur ce sujet, elle l'a, au contraire, rendu encore plus mystérieux. Canulars, essais militaires ou phénomènes OVNI ?[/justify]

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[center][large]Crop Circle Mystery[/large][/center]

Image[justify]Witness the Amazing grandeur and Beauty of a Secret Art that defies explanation. Part One features stunning aerial photography of the latest and greatest UFO Crop Circles. See Part Two for a fantastic ground level perspective of the Crop Circles. Experience what it's like to walk in a Crop Circle formation.[/justify]

[center]Crop Circle Mystery Part 1 - Stunning Arial Footage.mp4[/url]

Crop Circle Mystery Part 2 - Stunning Low Level Footage.mp4
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[center][large]Crop Circles
Crossovers from another dimenssion[/large]

[large]Michael Glickman interview[/large][/center]

Image[justify]After 17 years involvement investigating the Crop Circle phenomena, Michael Glickman can offer no 'explanation'. However he is affronted by the mindless debunking and trivialization that the Crop Circles have received and feels passionately that the phenomenon is worthy of our profoundest respect. Michael Glickman visited his first crop circle in 1990 and since then, he has given his time to a study of these remarkable events. An internationally acknowledged commentator on the subject of Crop Circles, he has lectured widely in Europe and North America and is the author of several books on the subject and is featured in the DVD Feature Film releases "Crop Circles - Crossovers from Another Dimension" and "Approaching the Sacred - Premonitions of Contact" which are both available from UFOTV. Michael's insight into the Crop Circle phenomenon and his sharp sense of humor has made him a celebrity the world over among enthusiasts of this amazing mystery.[/justify]

[center][large]Approaching the Sacred - Premonitions of Contact - Michael Glickman.mp4
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