The Roswell Crash - Startling New Evidence

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[center]Sci-Fi Channel
The Roswell Crash:
Startling New Evidence.


From the initial news of a "disk" being recovered in the desert to SCI FI's latest "smoking gun" shocker to a landmark scientific excavation of the 1947 crash site in Roswell, N.M., this two-hour documentary offers the definitive account of what may be the most important event of the 20th century. SCI FI Channel reopens the case with a groundbreaking investigation, chronicled in a two-hour special that includes all-new eyewitness interviews, up-to-the minute revelations and never-before-seen footage. Working under top-secret conditions, archaeologists from the University of New Mexico, in partnership with SCI FI Channel, set out to uncover conclusive physical evidence to help prove whether the claim of an extraterrestrial craft crash is science fiction or science fact. Hosted by Bryant Gumbel, the special is being directed and executive produced by Humanitas Award-winner Melissa Jo Peltier (Scared Silent: Ending and Exposing Child Abuse) of MPH Entertainment (My Big Fat Greek Wedding, The Lost Dinosaurs of Egypt). James Romanovich of Platinum Media Inc. also serves as executive producer, along with MPH Entertainment partners Jim Milio and Mark Hufnail.

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