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Sunday, September 19 2021

Charles A. Beard - President Roosevelt and the coming of the war, 1941

Beard President Roosevelt and the coming of the war 1941.jpg

Charles A. Beard - President Roosevelt and the coming of the war, 1941

Conceived by Charles Beard as a sequel to his provocative study of American Foreign Policy in the Making, 1932-1940, President Roosevelt and the Coming of the War outraged a nation, permanently damaging Beard's status as America's most influential historian.

Beard's main argument is that both Democratic and Republican leaders, but Roosevelt above all, worked quietly in 1940 and 1941 to insinuate the United States into the Second World War. Basing his work on available congressional records and administrative reports, Beard concludes that FDR's image as a neutral, peace-loving leader was a smokescreen, behind which he planned for war against Germany and Japan even well before the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Beard contends that the distinction between aiding allies in Europe like Great Britain and maintaining strict neutrality with respect to nations like Germany and Japan was untenable. Beard does not argue that all nations were alike, or that some did and others did not merit American support, but rather that Roosevelt chose to aid Great Britain secretly and unconstitutionally rather than making the case to the American public. President Roosevelt shifted from a policy of neutrality to one of armed intervention, but he did so without surrendering the appearance, the fiction of neutrality. This core argument makes the work no less explosive than it was when first issued in 1948.

Second World War - PDF

Monday, September 13 2021

La réincarnation en Europe - Ulfric d'Alsace

La réincarnation en Europe - Ulfric d'Alsace

Contrairement à l'opinion dominante actuelle, la croyance en la réincarnation n'est pas un domaine propre aux Asiatiques, mais est également issue d’une longue histoire parmi les systèmes de croyances préchrétiens des peuples européens natifs comme le montrent de nombreuses sources anciennes.

T. Bąbel, 2009, Reincarnation. From the history of pre-Christian Europe's beliefs
H. Biegeleisen, 1930, Death in the Rites, Customs, and Beliefs of the Polish Folk
Federowski, 1897, Belarussian folk in the Lithuanian Rus
A. Szyjewski, 2003, Religion of Slavs
P. Szczepanik, 2018, Slavic netherworld
A. Kowalik, 2004, Cosmology of Ancient Slavs
James Matlock, Reincarnation Accounts Pre-1900

Ulfric d'Alsace - Vidéos

croyance en la réincarnation chez les peuples d'Europe.jpg

Saturday, September 11 2021

Jacques de Mahieu - Fundamentos de biopolítica

De Mahieu Jacques - Fundamentos de biopolítica.jpg

Jacques de Mahieu (Jacques Girault) - Fundamentos de biopolítica

Fundamentos de biopolítica se exponen de forma diáfana los fundamentos biológicos de la dinámica social, al tiempo que se abordan temas de candente actualidad como la importancia del factor étnico en los conflictos humanos, la naturaleza del racismo, los tipos y razones de la inmigración, etc.

Jacques de Mahieu - Diccionario de ciencias política
Jacques de Mahieu - Drakkares en el Amazonas
Jacques de Mahieu - Le grand voyage du dieu-soleil
Jacques de Mahieu - Os Vikings no Brasil
Jacques de Mahieu - Précis de Biopolitique
Jacques de Mahieu - La Agonia del Dios Sol
Jacques de Mahieu - El imperio vikingo de Tiahuanacu
Jacques de Mahieu - El gran viaje del Dios-Sol
Jacques de Mahieu - La geografía secreta de América
Jacques de Mahieu - I Templari in America

Friday, September 10 2021

La médecine interdite - Dr Alain Scohy

La médecine interdite - Dr Alain Scohy

Sur la médecine holistique, Antoine Béchamp, sa découverte des microzymas, architectes des cellules, la vraie histoire de Louis Pasteur, l'arnaque de la virologie…

Antoine Béchamp - PDF

Ethel Douglas Hume - Béchamp or Pasteur
Hector Grasset - Un Savant méconnu A. Béchamp
Hector Grasset - L'Oeuvre de Béchamp
Jan Spreen - Une introduction aux découvertes du Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer

La médecine interdite - Dr Alain Scohy.jpg

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