Ultimate UFO ! 50 Years



50 ans de vidéos d'OVNI filmés à travers le monde...

Ultimate UFO ! Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

This is actually UFOS: THE FOOTAGE ARCHIVES with commentary from Peter Robbins and J. Antonio Huneeus.
Some footage overlaps. For example, Part 2 has footage up to 1996 and then part 3 starts at 1993.
From around the world and across five decades come 250 film clips from 26 countries (and outer space!) backed up by fully authentic US government documents, many formerly classified "SECRET".
Ultimate UFO! Is the most comprehensive collection of UFO film and video clips ever assembled covering almost fifty years of sightings! This DVD includes excerpts from the USAF's Project Blue Book Archive, Gulf Breeze, and Mexico City footage, official NASA footage from the Gemini, Apollo, and Discovery missions, and many other actual and purported UFO clips! Ultimate UFO! Also includes explosive selections from the now legendary Majestic-12 papers, the most controversial documents in UFO history!

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