Ernst Zündel - Another Voice of Freedom


Ernst Zündel
Another Voice of Freedom

1. Introduction to Another Voice of Freedom
2. Street Politics in Canada
3. Political Realities in Canada and Germany
4. Ernst Zündel Interviews Doug Christie about Freedom of Speech
5. Ernst Zündel and David Cole investigate Auschwitz
6. Rudolf Hess: His Story - and marches in his honor
7. Ernst Zündel interviews Holocaust Revisionist Carlos Porter
8. Short bibliography of David Irving's stance on the Holocaust
9. Ernst Zündel interviews Professor Robert O'Driscoll about Celts
10. Ernst Zündel interviews Dr. Russell Barton - Bergen-Belsen
11. Ernst Zündel interviews Gary Botting about "Culture Myth" and the Holocaust
12. Ernst Zündel interviews Doug Collins about being a POW
13. Ernst Zündel interviews Ewald Althans about political activism in Germany
14. Ernst Zündel interviews Yvonne and René Schleiter about Revisionism
15. Kirk Lyons interviews Fred Leuchter about involvement in Revisionism
16. Ernst Zündel's 1993 year-end wrap-up program about what was accomplished
17. "Heldengedenktag" - Veteran's Day
18. "Schindler and Spielberg."
19. Ernst Zündel interviews David McCalden
20. Ernst Zündel interviews Jewish supporter Professor Dommergue
21. Anti-German books and more on "Schindler's List."
22. Ernst Zündel interviews Ewald Althans
23. Ernst Zündel's reply to "60 Minutes."
24. Ernst Zündel interviews H. P. Rullman about Yugoslavia
25. The Holocaust - Fact versus Fiction
26. Professor Robert Faurisson discusses Revisionism
27. Anti-German comic books
28. The Murder of Rudolf Hess
29. An interview with Jürgen Rieger
30. Ernst Zündel interviews Waco survivor Annetta Richards
31. Ernst Zündel interviews Udo Walendy
32. Ernst Zündel interviews Michael Hoffman
33. Michael Hoffman talks about White Slavery in America
XX. Ernst Zundel and John Ball - reSchindler s List
XX. Cremation vs. Holocaust - Ivan Lagace 1994
XX. - Interview with Carlo Mattogno
XX. - Fred Leuchter and Robert Faurisson

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