The Story of Civilization - Will Durant


Will and Ariel Durant - The Story of Civilization

PericlesThe Story of Civilization, by husband and wife Will and Ariel Durant, is an eleven-volume set of books covering Western history for the general reader. The volumes sold well for many years, and sets of them were frequently offered by book clubs.

The series was written over a span of more than four decades, and it totals four million words across nearly 10,000 pages, but is incomplete. In the first volume (Our Oriental Heritage, which covers the history of the East through 1933), Will Durant stated that he wanted to include the history of the West through the early 20th century. However, the series ends with The Age of Napoleon because the Durants both died in the 1980s – she in her 80s and he in his 90s – before they could complete additional volumes.

The first six volumes of The Story of Civilization are credited to Will Durant, with Ariel receiving recognition in the acknowledgements. In later volumes, beginning with The Age of Reason Begins, Ariel is credited as a co-author.

Volume 1 : Our Oriental Heritage
Volume 2 : The Life of Greece
Volume 3 : Caesar and Christ
Volume 4 : The Age of Faith
Volume 5 : The Renaissance
Volume 6 : The Reformation
Volume 7 : The Age of Reason Begins
Volume 8 : The Age of Louis XIV
Volume 9 : The Age of Voltaire
Volume 10 : Rousseau and Revolution
Volume 11 : Age of Napoleon

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