Michael Collins Piper - The Judas Goats



Michael Collins Piper - The Judas Goats - The Enemy Within

The Judas Goats: "The enemy within", that’s what author and researcher Michael Collins Piper calls the men who are today betraying America. Zionist schemers have burrowed their way deep into the American system. Now they are able to suck the very lifeblood out of this country. Their real goals are to end American sovereignty and make us over into a miserable, socialist, Third World slave nation. These are the Judas Goats, haters of patriotism and nationalism. They are anti-American perverters, preaching neoconservatism and diversity to us while secretly insisting on Zionist unity and loyalty to a foreign nation, Israel, for themselves. You’ll recognize their names: Rush Limbaugh, Michael Moore, Sean Hannity, Anne Coulter, Bill Clinton, William Crystal, Hillary Clinton and dozens of others. In The Judas Goats you’ll discover the awful truth that lurks in their shadows!

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