Dr. William Luther Pierce - Child-Pornography, Exclusively a Jewish Business


Child-Pornography, Exclusively a Jewish Business
Dr. William Luther Pierce

The pornographers had a temporary setback in October last year when Italian police raided the homes of some 600 Italian perverts who had been buying these videos. Nine of the importers and distributors of the child pornography in Italy were arrested, and two men in Russia involved in making the videos also were arrested. But there was no news coverage of the arrests, and none of the big shots in the Russian child-porn business were arrested: just two thugs actually involved in kidnapping, raping, and killing the children.

Then a couple of Italian television news reporters working for Italy’s largest TV network who had seen some of the videos seized by the Italian police were so outraged by what they saw that they broke the news blackout by broadcasting scenes from some of the videos on a prime-time television news program viewed by 11 million Italians. The Jewish boss of the news department of the government-owned television network, Gad Lerner, immediately fired the reporters who had violated the blackout. And there was absolutely no news at all about these events in the United States, even though many of the customers of this child-porn ring live in the United States.

It was the blackout of the news in America of the arrests in Italy that aroused my interest in this matter. Can you imagine anything more horrible than kidnapping White children, then raping, sexually torturing, and murdering them for the gratification of wealthy perverts who like to watch that sort of thing? Such activity can flourish only in the dark. If you drag it into the open the perverts will run for cover, like cockroaches in a dirty kitchen when the light is turned on suddenly during the night. And without the perverts buying the child-porn videos, there will be no child-porn business. If the perverts are afraid to buy child-porn videos, if they are afraid of being exposed, then Russian children will not be kidnapped, raped, tortured, and killed in front of video cameras, because there will no market for this filth, no money to be had for the Jews who run the business.
That was no oversight. That was no accident on the part of the media bosses. There are more perverts in the United States buying child pornography than there are in Italy. Why protect them? Ordering, buying, receiving child pornography is not only a horrible and racially destructive thing, it also is illegal. Why don’t the controlled news media in America expose this business, expose the people involved, when something happens to make it even more immediately newsworthy?

Well, I answered that question for you in my October 7 broadcast, and I also answered it in later broadcasts. Part of the reason is that most of the people who buy this filth are homosexuals. Most of the Russian children who are raped and tortured for their gratification are little boys -- although some little Russian girls also are victims, because there also are heterosexual pedophiles who buy child pornography. But homosexuals make up the majority of the paying customers, and the rule among the Jewish media bosses is that homosexuals are to be portrayed favorably whenever possible. If they can’t be portrayed favorably, then don’t portray them at all; kill the news.


A more important reason for keeping quiet about child pornography is that the people at the top of the business - not the ones who kidnap the children from public parks in Moscow and then rape them in front of the cameras, but the ones who organize the business and collect the profits - are Jews, and the Jewish media bosses in America know that. That’s why people like CBS boss Sumner Redstone and ABC boss Michael Eisner and CNN boss Gerald Levin protect the child pornography business by not exposing it, no matter how newsworthy it is.

I’ve told you that before, but something happened earlier this year that corroborates what I told you. A man described by Federal authorities as the U.S. West Coast distributor for a child-pornography ring operating in Moscow was arrested at his home in Walnut Creek, California, on January 4. His name is Seth Bekenstein. His brother, Joshua Bekenstein, immediately flew in from the East Coast and posted a $500,000 bond to get his brother out of jail. My guess is that the government will get to keep that bond, because when his trial date comes up Seth will be safely relocated in Israel.

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