John Coleman - The Club of Rome

John Coleman - The Club of Rome

The Club of Rome (COR) is the chief “think tank” for the New World Order that was unknown in America until exposed by Dr. Coleman in 1969 for the very first time and published under the same title in 1970.
Set up on the orders of the Committee of 300, its existence was denied until the silver anniversary celebrations of its founding held in Rome 25 years later. The COR plays a vital role in all U.S. Government planning, internal and external. It has nothing to do with Rome, Italy or the Catholic Church. The name was chosen deliberately to deceive.
More recently it has acted as the foreign policy think tank of the Committee of 300 and carried out its decisions. Some of the wealthiest families of Europe and the US belong to the COR, whose membership list remains a closely-guarded secret. It is known that the late Giovanni Agnelli, also a top Illuminati figure, was one of its most influential members, whose council was sought by such world leaders as Winston Churchill, Nikita Khrushchev and President H.W. Bush.
The COR was responsible for a major population study the purpose of which was related to population control, completed in1968. Another prominent COR member, Aurelio Peccei advocated carrying out the suggestion of Bertrand Russell, the introduction of a plague similar to the Black Plague that would wipe out unwanted people and bring about a drastic reduction in population in countries like South America and Africa. Nuclear power stations generating the cheapest source of electric power known to the world were bitterly opposed by the COR from their very inception, to protect the oil industry, many of whose top executives belong to the COR and the Illuminati.

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