Michael Collins Piper - The High Priests of War


Michael Collins Piper - The High Priests of War
The Secret History of How America’s “Neo-Conservative” Trotskyites Came to Power and Orchestrated the War Against Iraq as the First Step in Their Drive for Global Empire

At the top left is an image of a statue of the Virgin Mary which an Israeli army tank fired upon on March 14, 2002, shattering the nose and slicing off the hands. The hated statue stood high above the Roman Catholic Holy Family Hospital and Orphanage in Jerusalem adjacent to a Vatican flag. The Israelis fired on the statue at close range. It was not an accident. It was an act of hatred.
And hatred likewise is expressed in the violent image of the hanging of Haman, taken from a Jewish religious artifact. One of the first of many enemies of the Jewish people, Haman’s assassination by execution is celebrated on the holiday of Purim, which—just coincidentally, it is said—marked the onslaught of the war against Iraq, a point noted in Jewish newspapers that referred to Saddam Hussein as a modern-day Haman. At middle-level left is a relief from Rome’s Arch of Titus, recalling the sacking of Jerusalem by the Romans and the triumphant seizure of the Jewish temple’s menorah.
The fall of Jerusalem—one of the great disasters of Jewish history—was another of the endless series of events marking the conflict of the Middle East that is still being fought out today.
At mid-level right is Ariel Sharon, the brutal Israeli caesar whose hard-line policies against the Christian and Muslim Palestinian Arabs are highly popular among his fellow countrymen and much admired by most American Jewish leaders and their allies in the neo-conservative movement, despite significant grass-roots Jewish opposition notwithstanding.
Sharon’s goal of achieving “Greater Israel” is part and parcel of the neo-conservative agenda and the ultimate in hate and imperialism.
At the bottom, from left to right, are Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle,William Kristol and Henry Kissinger, perhaps the most powerful figures in the neo-conservative network that orchestrated the tragic U.S. war against Iraq. The neo-conservative High Priests of War dream of establishing a world empire and intend to use America’s young people as the cannon fodder to accomplish their goal.
That is hate—and we must fight hate.

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