Dr. William Pierce - Allied Atrocities


Dr. William Pierce - Allied Atrocities

The seconde world war was not a good war, it was not a model war. It was the most atrocious war of modern times. And we were on the side of those commiting nearly all of the atrocities during that war. We were deliberately on the side of evil. And there is just one reason that we fought on the side of evil, it was because that was the jewish side.
Most americans still believe that their fathers or grand fathers, liberated Germany and saved the World. They still believe that the seconde World war was a necessary war and a good war. And the reason they believe it, is that they have seen hundred of Hollywood films and televisions shows wich have repeated the same lies to them over and over and over again. And no public figure has ever had the courage or honesty to contradict it.
The fact is that, Hollywood's lies about Germany, let the millions, of White americans and europeans being slaughtered. Only for the sake of punishing the germans for throwing the jews out of Germany. And we are put in a great desavantage even today by those same lies, because they prevent so many of us from examining the past honestly. And if we can not understand what hapen in the past, we are much less likely to choose a wise curse into the futur.

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