Dr. Joseph Goebbels - Heinrich Hoffmann - Adolf Hitler, A Chilling Tale of Propaganda


Adolf Hitler
A Chilling Tale of Propaganda
As Packaged by Dr. Joseph Goebbels

Reprinted from a 1936 Edition
Browsing in a small bookshop specializing in military history, we chanced upon this unusual Nazi propaganda work on Hitler. We were immediately struck by the extremely powerful images these photos portrayed of the man who cast such a long, deep scar on the 20th century. This was the book published by the Nazi propaganda machine to win support for Hitler in his own country in 1936. This was the Hitler many Germans thought they had elected. Less than a decade later how illusory all this proved to be.
Distasteful as the propaganda is, this work offers us a unique historical opportunity to view Hitler as he was portrayed to the German people prior to his eruption into the world theatre of battle. It also affords us a rare opportunity to glimpse into the mind of Joseph Goebbels, the master propagandist himself, who in a large part was responsible for the loyalty and support Hitler was to receive.
Just as we are familiar today with collecting cards or stamps when a product is purchased, these photographs were collected and pasted to the pages in collector’s albums. Nearly two and a half million were printed. By these means, Goebbels’ propaganda of deification of Adolf Hitler was disseminated to the German people.

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