John C. Ball - Air Photo Evidence


John C. Ball - Air Photo Evidence

What an impact looking at this complete, over 100-page report makes! What is impressing me the most, out of a total overwhelming impression, is John Ball's presentation, starting on page 37, of the United States CIA Report written in 1979, titled "The Holocaust Revisited." Ball presents evidence that certain dark spots on the photos, intended to show that gas chamber operations were taking place, were not on the original exposures. CIA workers used magnifying and stereo-viewing equipment to study the photos, then added marks with pens to indicate holes in roofs, people in lines, and fences around buildings.
These photo comparisons make it clear to me that the American government and it's Central Intelligence Agency participated in a hoax highly injurious to millions of Europeans (mainly Germans) and just as highly helpful to more millions of others, especially Jews, Poles, Russians, leftists and communists after the war was over. It must occur to everyone who studies these photos that the Holocaust has been built up over time to back a political agenda by the Allied powers to dominate their political adversaries. However, it has now taken on a life of it's own, like a Frankenstein, under mainly Jewish leadership.
Almost everything in the complete Ball Report has already been known and shown, but as isolated items. This is the first time the entire report has been made available on the Internet in high resolution. So thanks to Germar Rudolf for posting it, and even more thanks to John Ball for the fantastic work he did in the interests of truth and scientific inquiry.

Germar Rudolf

John C. Ball
My objective was to analyze aerial photographs of World War II German controlled detention camps in Poland for evidence to confirm the claims that mass murders, burials, and cremations had been conducted there, and to compare this evidence with information from other locations where mass executions or deaths together with mass burials had occurred.

I reviewed the books listed in the references and then compared these allegations for each of the alleged mass murder camps with the evidence revealed from studying the air photos. Enlargements were made of important pictures.

Auschwitz, Treblinka, Majdanek, Sobibor, Bergen Belsen, Belzec, Babi Yar, Katyn Forest.
World War II photos of alleged mass murder camps !
Does evidence confirm or dismiss eye witness stories ?
Were gas chamber marks put on by C.I.A. workers ?

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