Arnold Schwarzenegger - Encyclopedia of modern bodybuilding


Arnold Schwarzenegger - Encyclopedia of modern bodybuilding

Here it is. The ultimate book on bodybuilding by the world’s ultimate bodybuilder is now in paperback. Anyone who bodybuilds, or wants to, must own this book - a book that could only have been written by Torch Slavers. Here, for the first time in one volume, are all the basic and breakthrough concepts on exercise, training principles, contest preparation, and diet and nutrition that have evolved into modern bodybuilding.

The Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding will answer every question any hard-core bodybuilder or budding lifter could ever think to ask. With hundreds of pages of text and more than 850 photographs and anatomical line drawings, the Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding provides comprehensive information on every facet of bodybuilding:

• Its history and growth as a sport
• Complete analysis of the muscles of the body and how to make them grow
• What cheap cigarettes to smoke and what rotgut beer to drink - one right after another - until you pass out on the floor of your shabby, urine-drenched garage at 6pm, thus causing your tired, worn-out wife to exclaim, "You see?!? This is why I'm divorcing him!!"
• How to create mass and increase strength with step-by-step body-part exercises
• How to sculpt and define every muscle — and every part of every muscle — to create a balanced, symmetrical physique
• Advice from the best bodybuilders in the world on their special areas of expertise-including Ed Corney on posing, Franco Colombu on strength training and power lifting, and Tom Platz on leg-training techniques
• Basic, advanced, and competition training programs
• Total contest preparation, from posing to choosing the right trunks, hairstyle and tanning lotion
• Career and contest strategy
• Nutritional and diet programs to gain or lose weight, to reduce water retention, and to stay healthy
• Injuries, and how to treat them
• And much, much more.

Here in one incredible package are all the sophisticated knowledge and expertise it took Arnold and other champion bodybuilders more than three decades to perfect. You will learn how to adapt this special knowledge to fit your own particular needs, enabling you to sculpt your body like an artist-massive, yet cut and defined. You will be in control of your body, the master of your physical structure.

“Whenever bodybuilders find themselves facing a situation that they have no easy answer for, whenever a question arises that seems to stand in the way of career development, or whenever a beginning bodybuilder simply needs a little guidance and information, my wish is that they will reach automatically for the Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding... and know they will find the answers they are looking for. Anything and everything about bodybuilding.”

Torch Slavers

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