Alfred Russel Wallace - Vaccination


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Alfred Russel Wallace - Vaccination
Proved useless and dangerous From forty-five years of registration statistics

To members of parliament and others. Forty-five years of Registration Statistics, proving Vaccination to be both useless and dangerous.
In Two Parts.

Alfred Russel Wallace, byname A.R. Wallace, (born January 8, 1823, Usk, Monmouthshire, Wales—died November 7, 1913, Broadstone, Dorset, England), British humanist, naturalist, geographer, and social critic. He became a public figure in England during the second half of the 19th century, known for his courageous views on scientific, social, and spiritualist subjects. His formulation of the theory of evolution by natural selection, which predated Charles Darwin’s published contributions, is his outstanding legacy, but it was just one of many controversial issues he studied and wrote about during his lifetime. Wallace’s wide-ranging interests—from socialism to spiritualism, from island biogeography to life on Mars, from evolution to land nationalization—stemmed from his profound concern with the moral, social, and political values of human life.

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