Bradford Judson - Ghosts I have seen


Bradford Judson - Ghosts I have seen
A karmic study in light of anthroposophy and spiritual science
Ghosts I have seen
The Hibernian mysteries of Ireland
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Prayer and invocation

Light-Bearers, Leaders of Humanity, and Guides,
With this imperfect work, I seek to assist in the great cause. May this work contribute to the mission of the Christ, through Christ-Jesus, and the Archangel Michael who, as a herald, leader, and messenger of the Christ mission for humanity over time, is the divine regent of our world age which began in 1879.
If, in some way, this book inadvertently adds to the confusion of the world, then I humbly ask your forgiveness.
May this work help others to find balance and a genuine path forward through the sacrifices and the work of the great leaders of humanity. May this work assist others through the challenging byways of life which lead to the Christ, awareness of our divine guides, and knowledge of the spiritual worlds.

“Michael !
Lend me your sword
That I may be armed
To vanquish the dragon in me.
Fill him with your strength
That I may bring into confusion the spirits
Who wish to paralyze me.
Work in me
So that the light irradiates
My I, and that I may be led
To deeds worthy of you.
Michael !”

Take a journey through time, karma, redemption, and human destiny...

Understanding the principles of karma and repeated past-lives resolves the mysteries of life that revolve around circumstances, opportunities, dispositions, relationships, and life-changing events and decisions that occur for seemingly unknowable reasons yet have a true root cause in the past. Karmic laws are immutable and operative processes that, as overseen by divine leaders and guides, applies to individuals, families, cultures, nations, and the world.

In this unique study, which is the culmination of some 20 years of research and experiences, the author shares details of the karmic journey of one soul’s journey through time including the events of World War 2, the American Civil War, the American Revolution, the Wars of the Roses, the Anglo-Saxon/Viking conflicts of 10th Century England, the Carolingian period, the Roman Civil Wars, the Alexandrian Wars, the Graeco-Persian Wars, and the Trojan War.

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"Parsifal" by Odilon Redon. For the aspirant preparing his soul for spiritual initiation, the name "Parsifal" represents a higher stage of initiation and spiritual development. "Parsifal" can be translated as "pierce through the middle" or "pierce the veil". It was the name given to the candidates, male or female, in the early Christian initiation centers who were considered sufficiently mature for the task of advanced training which led to spiritual initiation.
In addition to being the hero who finds the Holy Grail and returns with the chalice of the Christ to restore the ailing King Arthur to health (King Amfortas in the Grail Epics), Parsifal is also the name of a historical individual that is a great spiritual leader of humanity. As each life experience over time contributes to spiritual unfolding and transformation within the individual human being, the attainment of the Holy Grail, driven by our decisions and activities over many lifetimes, can be achieved through commitment, initiative, sacrifice, and fulfillment.

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