A. K. Chesterton - Creed of a Fascist Revolutionary



A. K. Chesterton - Creed of a Fascist Revolutionary

Chesterton.jpgChesterton is more than a brilliant and incisive writer. He is a living symbol of the lost generation, which has found itself again. More than any writer of this time, he expresses in dynamic and passionate prose the resurgent soul of the war generation. He enlisted as a private in the Great War at the age of sixteen.

He rose to command a company on the Somme at nineteen, and to he was decorated with the Military Cross. He fought gallantly for the flag in South Africa after the Great War was ended.

Yet with all his gifts he found no true outlet for his political beliefs or his creative urge until Fascism was born in Britain. Supremely characteristic of the Englishman of 1914, he could find no home but Fascism. There are thousands more of the lost army who find at length their ranks in a cause which they have sought through a long and weary pilgrimage.

Chesterton expresses their fierce disgust and their cold anger in the bitterness of a thousand betrayals. He recaptures also the rapturous spirit of 1914 in their undying march to greater heights and mightier service of the land they love.

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