Dennis Wise - Communism by the backdoor



Dennis Wise - Communism by the backdoor

Communism by the backdoor is the latest documentary series by Dennis Wise detailing how the New World Order are implementing their totalitarian world government.

Part 1 – The New World Order
The origins of the New World Order and infiltration of the free world

Part 2 – Occult Connections
Discover the roots of the New World Order; how it works today and their Occult connections.

Part 3 – The Evil Of Freemasonry
Discover how the New World Order is predominantly composed of Freemasons.

Part 4 – The Music Business
The music business is a means to influence the masses especially the young. Many people believe the Illuminati does not exist, when really it is simply Freemasonry. The name has been used to successfully direct people away from the secret society.

Part 5 – The Roman Catholic Church
Learn about the infiltration of the Roman Catholic Church.

Part 6 – Satanic England
The Druids in England have always been at the centre of the Occult.

Part 7 – The United Nations
The United Nations are part of the New World Order and their one-world plans.

Part 8 – Hollywood
Hollywood: the modern day Babylon.
The Hollywood motion picture industry is the most important vehicle of propaganda in the English speaking world today. In the long run Hollywood exerts a greater influence over the English speaking peoples than all other propaganda mediums combined. It has therefore became a prime target for communist infiltration. And since the film industry is overwhelmingly Jewish, it was a minimum of difficulty in setting up shop.

Part 9 – The War On Christianity
How is Israel able to ride roughshod over the world with impunity? Because they have America…

Part 10 – Jewish World Domination
Understanding The Jewish Quest for World Domination

Part 11 – The Khazars
The Greater Israel Plan, Know your enemy !

Part 12 – White Democide

Part 13 – The Enemy in the Land

Part 14 – How America became Communist

Part 15 – The Mystery Teachings
Secret societies have helped keep secret the Mysteries from the time of the Jews in Babylon. Secrets taught only to the rich and powerful elite students. The same secret societies Hitler went out of his way to destroy.

Part 16 – Usury : The Cancer of the World

Part 17 – The Rothschild Dynasty

Part 18 – Secret Societies
United Nations, the fake cold war and even the Waco massacre were the signs of the coming of Communism

Part 19 – Slaves For Israel

Part 20 – Who’s Running America ?

Part 21 – The Bottom Of The Rabbit Hole


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