Hesketh Prichard - Where black rules white


Hesketh Prichard - Where black rules white
A journey across and about Hayti

Haiti started out as a prosperous colony of France. The Black slaves rebelled and killed all the Whites they could get their hands on. However, most of what the Whites built was intact. What happened next ?
Instead of maintaining it, the Haitians let everything fall into disrepair. Time and time again this process has been repeated : Whites have build up Haiti's infrastructure and the Blacks have let it run down. Poverty, filth, and corruption are unalterable facets of life. When will Whites learn the lesson implied ?

Dr. William L. Pierce - The Lesson of Haïti

Dr. William Pierce in english
Dr. William Pierce en français

Dr. William Pierce - We are all the Same Race
Dr. William Pierce - Katyn Forest Massacre
Dr. William Pierce - White Slave Trade in Israel
Dr. William Pierce - Lemmings

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