Eddie Alencar - 16 emergency landings proving flat Earth


Eddie Alencar - 16 emergency landings proving flat Earth

An Unpredictable Standpoint
by Albino Galuppini

In recent decades, thanks mainly to the work of radio, TV and independent newspapers, many "conspiracy theories" have made some advances. For twenty years now, Internet technology, search engines and information have all expanded dramatically and they do not fit into the average so-called "mainstream" anymore.
No wonder if, whether new points of views were brought up by independent researchers or new sensational discoveries were made by them; but one of the most important topics in this discussion is the heliocentric model. The heliocentric model teaches that the Earth is a planet revolving around the sun included in a galaxy called the Milky Way, which is just one of a myriad of galaxies that form an ever expanding universe. However, after all, who among us has been to Mars and to the moon to see their true colors? Who can verify if the photographs taken by the Hubble Space Telescope are authentic ?
Nevertheless, private entities have launched high-altitude balloons equipped with cameras which have captured images showing no curvature on the earth's surface. Wow, the supposed curvature of our planet shouldn’t only depend on observing ships going away on the horizon, should they? For quite some time now allegations have been raised about the veracity of the moon landings and the exploration of the solar system. Not to mention the impossibility of detecting the rotation of the Earth. None of us, in fact, has ever had the impression of walking on the surface of a sphere that rotates on its axis at a thousand miles per hour. A web of contradictions characterizes the heliocentric model, we are aware of its inconsistency marveling ourselves, and we ask ourselves this question: How come it took us this long to raise these questions ?
One of the biggest problems concerning the earth's spherical shape is seen in aviation. In fact, because of the curvature and the cruising speed of a commercial airliner, pilots should constantly direct the nose of the plane down in order to maintain a constant altitude. But, there is no mention of this in flight manuals, neither does the gyro onboard takes into account the curvature of the Earth.
Another intriguing chapter is the main theme of this book: Flight Paths. Retracing the way of airplanes, verified through specialized Internet sites, one realizes that the path makes little sense on a globe which appears to be the mapping model that best adheres to the real world but makes perfect sense on a polar projection azimuthally equidistant. For example, the flight from Los Angeles, California to Shanghai, in China has been shown that it flies over Alaska and the Arctic Circle while on a globe model, the shortest route runs through the Pacific Ocean. Detractors argue that the airlines will fly over the continental masses in case you need to make an emergency landing, therefore, avoiding the open sea. However, this version loses credibility by noting that, flying over the continental masses, flight paths veer north again.
Only a quarter of a century after the first powered flight by the Wright brothers was made, thanks to technological advances of the aircraft, the first flight across the Atlantic was accomplished. It was Charles Lindbergh, a 25-year old pilot from the US Air Force to make the foolhardy venture in 1927. From a "zetetica" perspective, one can not help but notice that, Lindbergh’s path is almost a straight path on a "Flat Earth Map ". Conversely, the route traveled is bent and elongated if traced on a globe. How to explain, if not assuming that the shape of the earth is different from that spherical ?
But that's not all of the mysteries that surround the aviation field.
Many have raised doubts on the operation of jet engines and what amount of fuel is supplied to an aircraft before it takes off. Easy to reach the conclusion that, even the aeronautical science, indeed the entire history up to now is stuffed with fat lies. For this reason I believe this book by Eddie Alencar, on the specific topic of the flight paths, is a key piece of the puzzle represented by the shape of the Earth.
I wish you a happy reading !

Albino Galuppini

Eddie Alencar - Flight routes proving flat Earth
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