Einar Schlereththe - The odious germans


Einar Schlereththe - The odious germans
120 years of German history rewritten

I was 70 when I thought about this book and I started to collect material about the hate against Germany since WWI. I found much help in the monumental work of Docherty & Macgregor and the more I was digging the more lies I found. But then there are areas where you are forbidden to make any research. I lost courage but continued to collect documents, photos, videos. Finally, I overcame my cowardice especially through some friends who encouraged me. I took up the hottest questions like the Holocaust and the German guilt regarding WWI and WWII.
The source for all the horror and the millions of deaths sprang up in a little room in London where a Jesuit-like Secret Society was founded. It grew and succeeded to win the wealthiest, mightiest and the most influential people at the time for their crime : to destroy Germany. The most important figures were Cecil Rhodes, Lord Esher, Natty Rothschild, Alfred Milner, the Queen, Winston Churchill, Lord Balfour, Llyod George.
Later on, they won important persons from the USA with whom they manufactured WWII with the help of a criminal Austrian who made havoc not only in Germany but also all over Europe. And these were not heroic but disgusting and horrible times which I, as a little boy vividly remember.
29. Juni 2019

About the Author
1937 in Marienwerder/Wpr., today belonging to Poland. 1945 on 1 January 10-month flight of the family to Bad Neustadt a. d. S. in Franconia, home of my father. After Abitur 1956, studies of English and Romance languages and literature in Hamburg and Freiburg/Bg. Because of break with my fascist parents I had to finance my studies myself, by working in about 50 branches (construction, harbour, film statist etc.).
1957 in Paris received beating on demos against Algeria war. 1960-65 studied in Freiburg/Bg. 1965-66 Art director in a well-known Swiss gallery. End -66 moved to Stockholm, where my daughter was born. I worked closely with the FNL movement against Vietnam war 1967/68.
1968 Return to Frankfurt/M, where the 68-movement was in full swing. First lectures, articles, translations and first publication ’Indonesia: Analysis of a Massacre’. Works by Philippe Gavi and Frantz Fanon translated. Co-founder of the 1st magazine in Germany for questions of the 3rd world. Cooperation with Turkish, Spanish and Palestinians workers and students.
1971 Move to Hamburg, where I worked for 25 years as a freelancer for NDR 3, Radio Bremen and Mecklenburg/Vorp. Wrote features about the 3rd world, environment (Spain, Switzerland, Canada), minorities (Basques, Sami, Rhaeto-Romans). Further publications on Indonesia and China. 1979-81 with family in Tanzania, where I wrote features for radio and 2 books (of which only one appeared because of the economic crisis : ’Null Uhr - wenn die Sonne aufgeht’ (Zero o’clock - when the sun rises)

Woodrow Wilson
The tale of the German war guilt on World War I and of the Holocaust, which took place not in Auschwitz but much worse in Russia and China.

Some honest words
I ask you to read carefully and readily make short notes about mistakes and let me know them for which I’d be very grateful. You can imagine what a difficult decision I made. I dragged around with this project for at least 10 years until I finally despite the dangers stuck to my decision.
I had to do it.
This is a ’J’accuse’¹ on behalf of myself, my homeland and all those, who were involved in the downfall of Germany. These were not only foreigners but also Germans and agents. A trial against all these Criminals would blow any frame and of course will never take place. But it could be in a Stockholm format or Kuala Lumpur format, where at least the names of all the criminals would be made known to the world. For me it will be a dream, a possibility for my posterity. For over 100 years our country, my country, has been thrown with dirt, twice plunged into misery, poured over with shame and deprived of its rights with an intensity that is incomprehensible. But the vast majority has got used to it and bucks and kisses the feet of the calumniators. The fact that I learned the full truth so late (10 years ago) has its good and its bad sides. The bad thing, of course, is that lies, the bigger the more, can last so long, and therefore be able to cripple entire generations and fill them with subservient spirit. (Remember what Engels said about the consequences of the peasant wars).
The good side is that I have gained an even better overview with age. At the age of about 30 I had overcome all my fears. But when I started to think about how to bring the truth to light at the age of 70, my courage had always left me.
Because it became clear to me which steamroller would come towards me. But I have overcome cowardice, which, if I am honest, has made my old age easier for me. Finally I have reached an age where one has lived one’s life and I am ready to sacrifice it to the truth if necessary. This book I have, of course, also written in the vague hope that some lawyers, judges, intellectuals or politicians will appear on the scene to bring charges against all those who deny the true Holocaust, to rehabilitate the innocently convicted people and to force the Zionists to repay the blackmailed billions of euros and dollars that should go to Russia and China in full.

Klavreström, 12 November 2018

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