Eleanor Charlotte Merry - The flaming door


Eleanor Charlotte Merry - The flaming door
The mission of the Celtic folk-soul

A preliminary study of the mission of the Celtic Folk-Soul by means of legends and myths

We shall, I believe, never fully undetstand out evolution, nor see in the glimmering light about us the sign-posts that point the way into the future, unless we recognise the greatness of our spiritual heritage. Innumerable boob have been written and the most painstaking researches have been made for centuries past, and an enormous mass of material has been collected from the mythology, traditions, and legends of every country in the world, but it seems as though some vital link is missing. Fact is piled upon fact, old documents arc deciphered, folk-lore is compared with folk-lore, archeologists dig, and astronomers calculate, and poets dream - but in the end the opinion is fostered that the anc:ient wisdom was as the babbling of childhood compared with the intellectual reasoning of grown men.

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