Ethnic Cleansing Operations


Ethnic Cleansing Operations

“In this war your uniform will be your skin, and you cannot take it off.”
The author.

This manual concerns the military operations necessary to eradicate the predatory Black race from the contiguous United States. While this manual addresses the strategies and tactics from a military perspective, it is written as much for nonmilitary personnel as it is for active duty and veteran soldiers. The reasons for this general appeal is that the primary leaders who will pull together this effort may well arise from the nonmilitary White population as much as from the ranks of the career military.
There are some who will read this manual and complain that it does not address the problems caused by other non-White races. Instead this manual is written to deal with the primary threat to the White race—Blacks. The thoughts which will germinate in the minds of racially conscious Caucasians will undoubtedly lead to the crystallization of such thoughts and ideas and will lead to the penning of such books and manuals. For now, this one will do.
Of all the political movements in the United States, the strongest is by far the Dixie movement. They have the longest history, a legitimate nation in their past, defeat in battle, occupation, “reconstruction”, their own holidays, songs, heroes, and the determination to rise again. There is no doubt that if any symbol should signify the final righting of an old wrong, it is Dixie. Therefore, the Confederate battle flag is to be the great unifying symbol of Civil War II.

If anyone doubts that the anger of defeat still lives in the states which comprised the Confederacy, they need only glance at how southern voters “partisan shifted” to vote for George Wallace to be president in 1968, 1972 and 1976. A quick entry of “Dixie” into an internet search engine reveals a staggering amount of political discussion, organizing and even a shadow government now exists. Confederate flags fly from pickups, motorcycle helmets, tattoos, bumper stickers, and living room walls from coast to coast. That flag signified, and still signifies, Caucasians fighting to be a Caucasian nation. The people of the Confederacy knew that to free the slaves and allow them to live among Whites was racial suicide.

The United States should have, as every other slave-owning country did, repatriated the Blacks to their original places of purchase. The crime rate in the US skyrocketed with the release of the slaves and has never returned to its pre-Civil War rates. It is time to right the wrong of President Lincoln. To rid the United States of Blacks, a great coalition of race conscious White groups and individuals will be pulled together. While those organizations have hit-lists and goals of their own, coalition commanders must work to keep the facets of this coalition focused on preplanned mission assignments. For the purpose of the offensive operations taught in this manual the expulsion of all Blacks will be the primary goal, with the targeting of other non-White races incidental to its purpose.
The mission of this manual is to instruct and inspire White commanders and the soldiers on the front lines of ethnic cleansing operations. It is not designed to give you all the answers; instead it is designed to “get your brain going”. Some of the strategies will be adequate as is, but keep in mind that the enemy will also acquire this manual, read it, and attempt to create countermeasures.
It is difficult to predict just exactly what will spark this conflict, but it is inevitable. When that spark ignites, it will be up to commanders to spring into action with plans made ahead of time and begin the crusade to save the White race. On the individual level, it is a matter of watching for the formation of large scale military actions around the country. When ethnic cleansing becomes widespread and systematic—that is the time for unaffiliated Whites to pack up and go to the scenes of the fighting and join in.
If you are not “commander material” that is no problem, there is room for you in this war. You know who the enemies of the White race are in your neighborhood and in your town. Prepare a list and have it ready when ethnic cleansing operations pass through your area. Those living in areas bypassed by major military operations will have to racially purify their own towns. Then grab your gear, invite your friends and link up with active units. You too can help make history.
What lies ahead are months drenched in blood and choked with smoke. But on the other side of this war lies another golden age for the White race. Do not shrug your duty!

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