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Eugene Michael Jones - Degenerate Moderns : modernity as rationalized sexual misbehavior
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In this groundbreaking new book, Jones shows how some of the major determining leaders in modern thought and culture have rationalized their own immoral behavior and projected it onto a universal canvas. The main thesis of this book is that, in the intellectual life, there are only two ultimate alternatives : either the thinker conforms desire to truth or he conforms truth to desire.

In the last one hundred years, the western cultural elite embarked upon a project which entailed the reversal of the values of the intellectual life so that truth would be subjected to desire as the final criterion of intellectual value. In looking at recent biographies of such major moderns as Freud, Kinsey, Keynes, Margaret Mead, Picasso, and others, there is a remarkable similarity between their lives and thought. After becoming involved in sexual license early on, they invariably chose an ideology or art form which subordinated reality to the exigencies of their sexual misbehavior.

Complelling overview of the destruction modernism has wrought. Simplistic though and dismissive of necessary societal change and the real gifts some degenerate moderns have bestowed upon us, such as Picasso's god-like mastery of art yet ultimate deference to God. Despite debauchery- we learn from the degenerate and grow.
From Picasso we see that gift is also submission. We can be gifted, talented, filled with grace but must choose. Picasso's mastery of all artistic mediums and rejection of the Master's form reveals man's free will.

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