Eugene Sanctuary - "Are these things so ?"



Eugene Sanctuary - "Are these things so ?"

Being a reply to this question propounded by a jewish high priest
of the first christian martyr 1900 years ago
A study in modern termites of the homo sapiens type

Origin of Isreelite Race
I - Conspiring Termites
II - Termites in Education
III - Religious Termites
IV - Grand Orient Termites
V - Termites in Y.M.C.A.'s and Missions
VI - Peace Treaty Termites at Versailles
VII - Jewish Movie Termites
VIII - International Finance Termites
IX - Socialist and Communist Termites
X - The Termite at Work
XI - The Termite Lit-Val·Hin-Max-Graf·Buch-Har·Stein
XII - Germany and the Jew
XIII - Germany Crushing Its Termites
XIV - Concerning the Protocols
XV - The Protocol Plan in Action
XVI - Side Lights on the Protocols
Appendix A - Some Claims of the Occult Forces
Appendix B - Fabians in England and Jews in Washington
Appendix C - Chart of Karl Marx's Abolitions, with text

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metapedia.pngColonel Eugene Nelson Sanctuary (November 6, 1870 - March 10, 1957) was a retired US Army Reserve officer and a defendant in the Great Sedition Trial of 1944. He was defended by an anti-communist Jewish attorney, Henry H. Klein.

Sanctuary was born in in Hinesburgh, Vermont in 1870. He was a graduate from the University of Vermont. Before the First World War he was a civil engineer for Montpelier, Vermont. He served in Russia during the war working with the Russian Railway Service Corps. During this time he was a witness to the Bolshevik Revolution.

Sanctuary headed a lobbying group called American Christian Defenders and accused President Franklin Roosevelt of conspiring to create “a Jewish state where only Jews will own property and reap profits.”

He was a regular contributor to Reverend Gerald Winrod’s publication The Defender. He issued his literature under the imprint Tocsin Publishers.

Sanctuary had written close to five hundred sacred and patriotic songs including, "Uncle Sam We Are Standing By You" and "A Klansman's Song." He was laymen in the Presbyterian Church.

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