Evropa Soberana - Rome contra Judaea, Judaea contra Rome


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Evropa Soberana - Rome contra Judaea, Judaea contra Rome

The purpose of this book is to give an idea of what happened to the Ancient World; of how Europe fell into the Middle Ages and, especially, to what extent what happened in Rome 1,600 years ago is exactly what is happening in our days throughout the West: but magnified a thousand times by globalization, technology and, above all, the deputation of psycho-sociological and propagandistic knowledge by the System.
What is dealt with in this book is the story of a tragedy, of an apocalypse. It is the end not only of the Roman Empire and all its achievements but also of the survival of the Egyptian, Persian and Greek teachings in Europe in a bloodthirsty process: a premonition of the future destruction of Celtic, Germanic, Baltic and Slavic heritages, always accompanied by their respective genocides.
This process had a markedly ethnic character: it was the rebellion of Christianised slaves (from Asia Minor and North Africa) against Indo-European paganism, which represented the ancestral customs and traditions of the Roman and Hellenic aristocracies - decadent, minoritarian and softened in comparison with an overwhelmingly numerous, brutalised people who cordially detested the distant pride of their lords.
In the third chapter, ‘Christianity and the fall of the Roman Empire’, we will see the processes that marked the first development of Christianity: that strange synthesis between jewish and Greco-decadent mentality that, from the East, devoured the classical world to the bone; undermining Roman institutions and the Roman mentality to the point of propitiating its total collapse.
However, we will begin by focusing on the Eastern Roman provinces, especially Judea, which was snatched by Rome to the heirs of Alexander the Great. How were the relations between Greeks and jews? What role did the Romans play in Asia Minor and in the management of the jewish problem ? What are the true roots of Israel and the current instability in the Near East? It will be worthwhile to expand on the subject to familiarise oneself with the foundations of what is today the greatest geopolitical conflict on the planet: the State of Israel. We will also see the impossibility, in the long term, of the coexistence between two radically different cultures, in this case, the Greco-Roman and the jewish.
For now, the Romans will meet a people who take the tradition with the same seriousness as them, but replacing that Olympic, artistic, athletic and aristocratic touch with a spark of fanaticism and dogmatism, and changing the Roman patriotism for a kind of pact sealed behind the backs of the rest of humanity. A people, above all, with a fiercely rooted sense of identity - in fact, much more than any other people - and who also considered themselves to be no less than the ‘chosen people’.

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