Flat earther reveals the Truth - APMA Podcast


Flat earther reveals the Truth - APMA Podcast

Special Guest Flat Earther Reveals The Truth - APMA Podcast #26
APMA, we have something very special for you this week and we have no doubt you are going to be immensely entertained and allegedly, possibly maybe informed and awoken.
We have the first guest of the show David Weiss and wow, what an episode it is. David is a Flat Earther who so strongly believes that all the information we have been fed as a young earthling has all been a lie.
Watch this episode to find out WHY he thinks this, WHAT his reasoning is and WHO is behind all of this fakery.

This episode has it all ! Laughter, entertainment, questionable theories, conspiracies and a whole other view on our entire existence.

What do you think about David and his theories? Let us know in the comments what number of the spectrum you started off as and what number you ended up as :
0 - The earth is unquestionably round
10 - The earth is flat and David is right

Thank you David for coming onto the pod, even if some of the boys are questioning your theories, you're a sound guy, it was a great episode and it is good to find out more regarding why and what Flat Earthers think !

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