Charles Giuliani - The VAXX Report


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Charles Giuliani - The VAXX Report

Here is the second edition of the VAXX Report for this year 2021. As many people might know by now this dossier is based on the vaccine notes compiled by Charles Giuliani.

It seems that most people today have no qualms with rolling up their sleeves to get a vaccine, or with having their children get vaccinated. In fact, many people take it for granted that vaccines are beneficial, or at least benign, since they are legally required, yea, are often forced to get injected. For example, school kids around the country are not allowed to attend school unless they receive a plethora of shots, and even many adults can’t get a job in certain professions without having their vaccine record up to date. But are vaccines really beneficial ? Are they really safe ?

If matters not that most average people would answer such questions in the affirmative, because most average people, as it turns out, have never really looked into the issue in any detail. Often all they do is just parrot what others have told them, others who either haven’t done any research themselves, or else have some ax to grind in supporting the vaccination agenda.

In this brief study, we are going to be taking a close look at the facts surrounding vaccines to see if, in fact, they stand up to all the lofty claims made about them. Why are they mandatory, anyway ? Is it really about public health, or does it have more to do with corporate profits ? Are vaccines dangerous ? If so, how dangerous are they ? These questions are now more important than ever, since we could all soon be looking at forced vaccinations for everyone, due to Covid-19. So please take the time to carefully read all of what you now hold in your hands. Your very life, as well as the lives of your children, may depend on it !

Vaccination - PDF

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