Hervé Ryssen - History of anti-semitism


Hervé Ryssen (Hervé Lalin) - History of anti-semitism

The history of Judaism is that of a people or sect permanently at war with the rest of humanity. The Jews have naturally aroused antiSemitism at all times and in all places. The scenario which then unfolds is always the same: after a few initial riots and violence, the goyim (non-Jews) pass laws intended to regain control of the situation and eventually end up simply expelling them en masse. But invariably, after the lapse of a certain time, the Jews always succeed in re-infecting the host society by bribing the kings and lords, after which they start all over again with their rackets and their intrigues, having learnt absolutely nothing from the lesson which has just been inflicted upon them. This has been their history for three thousand years.
On their side, the Jews never cease attempting to convince the whole world of the truth of their self-invented image of a community persecuted for "no reason at all". From their exodus from Egypt to Auschwitz, from the destruction of the Temple to the pogroms of the Cossacks, from the massacres committed by the Crusaders to the pyres of the Inquisition, their history is an unending succession of undeserved tragedies. To explain this phenomenon, Jewish intellectuals come up with all sorts of theories, more or less concocted, and end up claiming that the history of the Jewish people is a "mystery", an extraordinary "enigma", a fabulous destiny. Most of the time, they add or imply that they are "God's Chosen People". But when you take a closer look, the reality is in fact much simpler ... In any case, I hope this book puts an end to all the self-contradictory blabber about "Judeo-Christian" civilisation.

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