How the jews betrayed mankind Volume 1 - The sumerian swindle



G_d - How the jews betrayed mankind Volume 1 of 3 volumes
The sumerian swindle

This book reveals how jewish plan for world conquest developed over time. Many people believe that project started with invention of racial religion, but this book proves that world conquest started thousands of years earlier with invention of usury in Sumerian civilization (around 5000 BC). Because of this revolutionary invention whole social stratification in that civilization changed.

There emerged a social caste of super rich bankers who over many generations amassed huge fortunes and passed closely guarded secret of usury onto their male children. With usury they monopolized all economy, trade and knowledge of the entire ancient world. Finally these bankers even created a religion for themselves (judaism) and thus emerged entire nation of usurers who are today known as jews. Followers of this judaic religion became programmed bio-robots who are religiously guided toward conquering the world, and this order is transferred by religious indoctrination to successive generations.

G_d - How the jews betrayed mankind Volume 2
Monsters of Babylon


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