Ivor Benson - Know your enemy



Ivor Benson - Know your enemy
The introduction to the World of opinion-making and psycho-political warfare series : pamphlet No. 1
With acknowledgements to the Sauth African Broadcasting Corporation

1. Can Communism be Defined ?
2. A Substitute for Religion
3. The Science of Revolution
4. The Power Side of Communism
5. The War Against Patriotism
6. Russia was only the First Victim
7. Communism and the Social Gospel
8. Churchmen who aid Communists

Ivor Benson (September 1907 - January 1993) was a well-known South African journalist who began his career on Fleet Street, London. In South Africa he became chief assistant editor of The Rand Daily Mail, and became particularly well known in 1963 as a news commentator for Radio South Africa.
Benson was then employed as information adviser to the White-ruled Rhodesian government, under Ian Smith. Benson was also an incisive author of conspiratorial books and booklets, such as This Worldwide Conspiracy, linking capitalism and communism with the assault on White rule in Africa. Benson was an associate of Douglas Reed and wrote a preface to The Controversy of Zion.
Benson edited an informative newsletter, Behind the News, and founded the National Forum. Benson's family were Swedes by ancestry, but he died in England.

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