Jews say so !


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There is a jewish world plot
Jews say so !

A Challenge to the DIES COMMITTEE
Compiled and Issued by The Pelley Publishers
Asheville, North Carolina - 1939

Is there a world-wide Jewish conspiracy to overthrow all Christian institutions in favor of Judaism ?
Is Communism merely "Jewry in action" ?
Is the New Deal a Jewish expedient to pull the United States down to ruin, that organized Jewry, constituting only ten percent of our population, may take it over ?
The answer to these questions is "Jews say so !"
And there are their specific Agreements and Attestments.

Jewish Communism has taken over the United States. American men sleep while the enemy (jews) invades and robs them blind. jews have been chipping away at our freedoms, one law a time, for decades. These same jews are pushing for Bolshevik-style gun control, as I type. Should they succeed, what follows will be the slaughter of millions of American Christians and Gentiles. History repeats.

Keep your guns, America. You're going to need them !

Conspiracy - PDF

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