John and Geri McPherson - Ultimate guide to wilderness living


John and Geri McPherson - Ultimate guide to wilderness living
Surviving with nothing but your bare hands and what you find in the woods

Learn everything you need to know about wilderness survival. “During my first years of learning survival I took a course in survival and primitive earth skills taught by John and Geri McPherson. I was excited by their unbelievable passion and their intrinsic understanding of survival. Their teachings took me from understanding basic skills to a full-blown love for the ancient technologies that humans developed to survive. John and Geri are the real deal. They don’t just teach this stuff, they live it. I loved the experience with them so much I came back a second time a few years later. Now that I have traveled the world as Survivorman - experiencing and filming survival in every ecosystem there is - I can sit back and watch my shows and see John and Geri’s teachings peek through in every situation. I have been able to understand survival because of John and Geri, and can highly recommend this book.”
Les Stroud, AKA Survivorman.

Packed with in-depth instruction and photos, Ultimate Guide to Wilderness Living teaches you the skills need to survive and live in the wild using only those things found in the woods.

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