Jürgen Rahf - Paranoid Judaism


Jürgen Rahf - Paranoid Judaism
or Why most of the jews are paranoid ?
Partly originally by Itcvan Bacony

One of the main reasons for the great capacity of the Jewish people as an imperialist and domineering power lies in the fact that Israelites, more frequently than other peoples, tend to be paranoid — often morbidly so.

One can recognize this paranoid tendency in certain character traits that Jews possess, traits which confer upon them a capacity for the greatest and most difficult achievements, but which on the other hand also induce in them a kind of mental imbalance that leads them to pursue aims and activities vindicatory of imagined violations of their rights with such perseverance and fanaticism as to be virtually an obsession. These aims and activities, moreover, invariably breathe a fierce hatred, a hatred that may quite rightly be called paranoid. It may be concealed, under orders of the higher-ups, but it is a hatred nonetheless that Jews bear all "gentile swine" in greater or lesser degree, depending on the nature of each given Jew.

It is thus easy to understand how harmful and dangerous these paranoid actions may be for persons against whom the Jews seek vindication for something, with or without any justification.

One finds among the Jews more individuals of a domineering bent, more of a vindictive nature, more who are inclined to have a persecution complex or megalomania, than are to be found among other peoples. So true is this, indeed, that the facts show us the Jews have even suffered these delusions collectively, as a people. In fact, one has only to read the histories and esoteric books of the Jews to see how they have exaggerated persecutions suffered in bygone times to the point of creating an ideology which borders on a collective persecution complex. And a persecution complex is precisely one of the characteristics of the form of insanity or mental illness that science has designated as Paranoia or Paranoid Schizophrenia.

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