Werner Keller - Are the russians ten feet tall ?


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Werner Keller - Are the russians ten feet tall ?

Translated and introduced by Constantine FitzGibbon.

Who inspired the first cathedral at Kiev ? Who designed the Winter Palace at St Petersburg ? Who developed Baku’s oil industry, the steelworks at Magnitogorsk? Who won the Battle of Poltava for Peter the Great ? Who created the Russian Theatre and the Russian Ballet ? Of all the people responsible for these and nearly all other great achievments in Russia, scarcely one was Russian. They were Greek, Italian, German, Dutch, French, English, Scottish - and finally, American.
This thorough and fascinating account of Russia’s rise to world power on the shoulders of the West shows how it has been the open and consistent policy of her rulers to bring in experts, technicians, ideas, machines, indeed everything that could help to build up a backward Russian economy. This was already the policy of Ivan the Terrible; it now reaches its climax in the astonishing achievements (particularly in the sphere of armaments) of Soviet Russia.
Russia’s debt to the West is far from solely material. Her culture, too, rests on borrowed foundations, as this book convincingly demonstrates. The overwhelming evidence presented by Dr Keller is that, in all fields, Russia can not afford to do without us and that the countrymen of Mr K., for all his propaganda, are not ‘ten feet tall'! Werner Keller is the distinguished author of THE BIBLE as history and Constantine FitzGibbon wrote when the kissing had to stop.

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