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Les rencontres entre Blancs pour sauver la France et la Civilisation Européenne

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Why us ?

Various ethno-dating websites cater to the needs of Latinos, Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Blacks, Jews and Arabs, yet dating sites exclusively for Whites are almost non-existent.

WhiteDate intends to fill this void by offering people of European descent to find a partner who shares ethnicity but also cultural background as well as similar beliefs supporting long lasting and fulfilling relationships.
We specifically invite men with vision and women with values, who understand that a stable family unit is very desirable as it not only leads to personal fulfillment and happiness but also represents a core asset to a peaceful and prosperous society.
Traditional men are seeking women who have woken up to the power of femininity embracing beauty, softness, and grace, and who trust men to take initiative during the dating game.
Unfortunately, a lot of work needs to be done to de-program the brainwashed minds from feminism and nihilism telling men and women that sexuality is merely a consumer good and that future generations do not matter.


Nevertheless, we noticed that a general awakening is taking place motivating Millennials and Generation Z to revolt against the narrative imposed by the Western media and education system. They understand that the enforced disconnection from their ancestry and the nudging into consumerism turn them into rootless individuals, like feathers in the wind, always yearning for the next hedonistic stimulus but never finding profound connection nor satisfaction.
Many women had to bear numerous painful experiences before understanding that the myth of equality made them act against the course of nature disenchanting and frustrating men by chasing them and thus depriving men from the pleasure of conquest.
We would like more women to understand that the grandmother rules (@TheRulesBook) were invented to protect women, that these rules are still valid and lead to successful selection of a loving partner.

Naturally we hope that both genders dust off almost forgotten etiquette and behaviour patterns that are necessary to establish and maintain any kind of human relationship. Generously overlooking the question why our education system ‘forgot’ to teach us such important skills, we are determined to catch up as autodidacts.

We wish all European men and women to find love and happiness by building beautiful families and to participate in the continuation of the European peoples, cultures and spirits.

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A Message to Dispirited White Men

Hail Our White Men !

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