Mark Knight - Flat Earth advanced The moon fonction and cataclysm



Mark Knight - Flat Earth advanced
The moon fonction and cataclysm

sea_water_temperature.jpgMany people have woken up to the Earth being a flat plane, and this awakening will gain more momentum in the coming years. What still remains a mystery to many within the Flat Earth community is the Moon, because it is probably the toughest nut to crack in the basket.
This offering aims to clearly present what is logical and known about the Moon, plus information, myth, and intuition around some of the Moon’s behavior and history - much of which the Flat Earth community remains divided and disparate upon… amidst a bombardment of disinformation, ego, and confusion.
The Moon has always been an enigma; it has always been worshipped throughout time, and its energy has always been harnessed by mystics and the like, therefore it deserves its own publication within the growing Flat Earth community… and luckily there are still some who prefer the refined, literal experience instead of a YouTube clip (at times awash with ghastly music, amateurism, subscriber addiction, and haste).
The book’s structure will layer up, so when reading a passage and you feel you require more to be explained, be patient, all is revealed in its most relevant section. The book´s structure is designed this way. Some of the earlier chapters, plus the simplistic writing style on some of the later deeper subjects are deliberately implemented to make this book accessible to a wider range of people.
There is some information in the latter pages not yet disclosed anywhere else, and I see it as important work. For me, personally, the book is partly the fruit yielded from a mystical dream puzzle, a puzzle that started during a fifty day, silent fast meditation, within a hermetic cocoon up a volcano many years ago. I come from more of a mysticism and astrological background, so apologies if you are seeking a 100% pure-rational-science offering throughout.
I ask one thing: slightly try to let go of labels and preconceived ideas about this mysterious light.

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