Stephen A. McNallen - What is Asatru ?



Stephen A. McNallen - What is Asatru ?

This booklet was written to provide answers to the questions likely to be asked by anyone just starting to investigate Asatru. Thus, you'll find few lengthy theological essays, but many clearly-worded replies to the sort of queries most asked by the average person.

The opinions given here are often not hard-and-fast doctrine. Many Asatru-believers will not accept each and every word written here. Still, the outlines are valid and represent a vast amount sf study and thought. It is hoped and confidently expected that this work will prove useful to the newcomer and the more experienced individual a like. Stephen A. McNallen Breckenridge, Texas, 1985.

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Stephen A. McNallen


Stephen McNallen is the spiritual leader who brought Asatru - the revived faith of ancient Northern Europe - to the United States.

In 1972, Stephen founded an organization dedicated to the Northern pantheon - best known in their Scandinavian versions as Odin, Thor, Freya, and related deities. The years that followed were spent writing rituals, formulating a religious calendar, publishing newsletters, and holding the first international events dedicated to this faith. Today, forty years later, he still leads the Asatru Folk Assembly.

Stephen has been an Army Ranger, a science and mathematics teacher, a journalist reporting from war zones, and an adventurer. He is interested in the cause of Tibetan freedom as well as the welfare of other indigenous groups worldwide, to include the modern European peoples. Stephen is also active in various environmental efforts.

With no plans of ever retiring from life, he lives in the mountains of northern California with his wife, three cats, and the assorted deer, raccoons, finches, and other living things that roam around just outside his house.


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