Miguel Serrano - NOS Book of the Resurrection



Miguel Serrano - NOS Book of the Resurrection

Miguel Serrano sees Nos as the culmination of his work, a hermetic autobiography based on Nietzsche's idea of eternal return rather than on the idea of reincarnation. It is a continuation of El / Ella : Book of Magic Love, and in this new book Serrano goes beyond the search for the androgynous to find a new unity of self and soul, NOS is WE, when the one becomes more than one (as in the Tibetan Tulku and the Indian Boddhisattva), when man becomes one with his soul or anima to become El / ELLA, when woman becomes one with her soul or animus to become ELLA / EL. The absolute man and the absolute woman.

In telling this integrated, symbolic tale, the author draws on many different traditions : the myths and initiations of the troubadours, the Grail legend, alchemy, Amerindian legends, and the ideas of Jung, Jung once told Serrano : 'Only the poet will understand me.' This book is Serrano's poetic continuation of Jung's work.


Nos, Book of the Resurrection is Miguel Serrano's masterpiece. It is his personal journey of Initiation. In this book Serrano speaks of those things which no one speaks of. It is the story of Wotan, the story of Apollo, the story of Lucifer. Nos is the song of the Minnesanger, the Troubadour, and the Cathar. The quest of the Holy Graal has never been made so clear. Serrano tells us of the Lost Love, the Eternal Love that is the answer to the riddle of the Eternal Return. Nos was written for the one who as of yet has not been satisfied with the answers that have been given. Hyperborea/Thule is revealed. Atlantis is found. The Beloved, Valkyrie along with the White Gods are rediscovered.

Miguel Serrano - Nos El libro de la Resurreccion
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