Oswald Mosley - My answer



Oswald Mosley - My answer

‘My Answer’ was Oswald Mosley’s first book after his long wartime imprisonment by the British Government without charge, without trial and without right to judicial appeal, for the crime of being opposed to the Second World War which was to cost 60 million lives and mark the decline of Great Britain as a world power.

Mosley’s advice when challenged was always to “say it again and say it louder the second time”. He certainly does that in this book – as he reminds the reader of the lies, hypocrisy and double standards of Labour and Conservative politicians. He also disposes of the myth of the so-called “Battle of Cable Street” that claims that his British Union of Fascists had no real support from the people of East London.

Generally regarded as years ahead of his time, Oswald Mosley was the first politician to advocate a United Europe, and to predict that the future of modern warfare would be decided not by regular military forces but by political guerrillas fighting for an idea.
My Answer is even more relevant today than when it was written almost a lifetime ago.

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