Myre Iseman - Race Suicide


Myre Iseman - Race Suicide

"I have lighted my taper at the torch of those who have gone before."

Chapter I
Reproduction governed by food supply - Cause of infanticide among savages and among ancient people

Chapter II
Modern civilization a golgotha - The ideals of race masculine - Modern sex emancipation - Marriage in ancient times a tarffic - Political, social, and religious inferiority of the female

Chapter III
Laws governing reproduction - Prolificness of Lower animals - Prolificness in the Human female - Number of offspring necessary to perpetuate the race - Strictly male or female

Chapter IV
Race suicide classified - The practice among the ancient hebrews - Tyrians - Phoenicians, Syrians, Carthaginians, Sabines, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Celts, and Norse

Chapter V

Chapter VI

Chapter VII
The attitude and policy of the catholic church - Religion and birth rate

Chapter VIII
Among Mahommedans - The turkish empire - Hindoos - India - China - Japan - Hottentots - In madagasgar - Greenland - Hawaiian island - North american indians - The philipine islands

Chapter IX
Ancient Mexico - Peru - Modern South America

Chapter X
Italy and Spain

Chapter XI

Chapter XII

Chapter XIII

Chapter XIV
Austro-Hungary and Bavaria

Chapter XV

Chapter XVI
The united states

Chapter XVII
New York

Chapter XVIII
Washington, D.C.

Chapter XIX
The lake states

Chapter XX
Southern states

Chapter XXI

Chapter XXII
The land of the Creole

Chapter XXIII
The remedy

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