Nassim Haramein - TRPF entrevue



Nassim Haramein - TRPF entrevue
MAY 2nd - Nassim Haramein’s TEDx talk at UCSD

Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library - Transcription française
L'Univers décodé ou la théorie de l'unification

Nassim_Haramein.jpgCrossing the Event Horizon - DVD
Crossing the Event Horizon - Conférence
Champ Unifié
Earth Is Not Orbiting The Sun
O World Project Interview

Viktor Schauberger - The Energy Evolution
Le génie de Viktor Schauberger

Our vision is of a world wherein the dynamics of the inter-relationship of all things and their forces are revealed through a Unified view of Physics, informing the development of technological and social systems that bring humankind into a harmonious relationship with Nature, the Earth and the Universe as a whole.

Our mission is to deliver knowledge and technology based on a holistic and complete view of the dynamics of nature to address the critical and systemic challenges humanity is facing today.

We pursue this by :
Conducting research in the field of Unified Physics with an unerring focus on following the cues provided by nature to discover its inner workings.

Developing technologies and applications that apply these discoveries to solving some of humankinds’ most fundamental challenges.

Providing educational opportunities that can empower people through a coherent understanding of the insights and implications of Unified Physics including applications in our personal lives and in the world.

Inspiring others by acknowledging and modeling our interconnectedness, interdependence and infinite nature in how we work, teach and explore together with integrity and compassion for all life.

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B. C. J. Lievegoed - Mystery streams in Europe and Idiocracy