Who we are and what we want

We want to live in harmony, strength, health and safety, with our own people. Odalfolk means just that: Free Folk. There are very few normal people in the world today that does not find countless ills and wrongs with life in this society, and who therefore throw themselves into politics. That, however, does little or no good for most since they do not know everything, and can never learn it. Yet many claim to do so, in their great ignorance. Of course most of them get it wrong and advocate things that got us here in the first place: unfree as well as weak and polluted in body and spirit. Things that we want to remedy, starting with the personal level.

We believe that we have to go back socially, to a state of being where things worked. We do not seek to turn back the clock a thousand years, because the ways of our people are still alive and well today. More and more people seek to reunite with the Land and the ways of their forefathers. They seek the old Faith, traditional ways and they seek to be with their own kind in a natural community.

We believe in the natural ways and gods of our people, the Germanic people. We also believe that society is sick, for more reasons than we are going to take up here. We believe that we are no longer free, healthy and that our culture and people is in risk of physical extinction through poisoning of land, food, culture and blood.

Therefore we seek to establish communities: prosperous and secure places in the world, where happy Germanic families can live close to one another, work together, till the land and if need be defend each other. Away from multiculturalism, liberalism, increasing criminality, chemicals, city life and all other “isms”: we need to get away from “modern” life and create something that will stand strong in what is inevitable: the collapse of the western world. But we are not a doomsday movement. In the unlikely event that things actually “work out” and this society does not crumble, we will live great, secure and happy lives full of fellowship because of what we choose to do.

We emphasize that there are things in this world that we consider sick and degenerate – unnatural. But we are not a political party, or “Ists” of any kind. Any sort of “Ism” ceases to be once you are part of us. We simply state what we are Germanic, traditional and normal. We say what we want to build and then we proceed with doing so on our own private property – together as a clan or a folk. Simple and natural – no fussing and no reasonable person should rightly complain about it.

Who can become part of us? Where do we exist? We work in circles and settlements. Circles are groups of people intending to start a settlement. Each circle or settlement has a Jarl and several other people in supporting roles; priests, elders and the Odalmen. In our settlements, all men are also sworn to protect the land and families, they are builders, woodsmen, fishermen, farmers and hunters. No one is exempt from duty or working with their hands, which is what Free Men do.

The Odalmen make up the bulk of our settlements, they are free men and do have a say in matters great and small. We have NO thralls or people who are not free. People who are not free in their minds will not be with us, and people who cannot live free without doing bad cannot stay with us. This is why we work as a corporation, so that we can keep things running well for the benefit of all. We want our folk free, healthy and fierce.

We are a world-wide movement, in the sense that Germanic people and similar peoples exist in North America, in South America, South Africa and Down Under in Oceania. Thus we accept applications from all these areas and nations, to join us and to form circles and later settlements.
Does this sound like you ? Then join us here.

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